Minor girl accuses police

A minor who was forced to work in a brothel accuses police of frequently visiting the brother and availing her services, reports Kumar.

india Updated: Apr 26, 2007 17:15 IST

A fifteen year high school drop-out who had fled her home in Hingoli district, only to find herself in the clutches of a brothel owner lady in Aurangabad reveals that most of the clients the lady had sent her to were senior police officials who knew well she was a minor trapped by the lady.

The minor, who was traced by the kranti chowk police during a police raid on a brothel, is currently in the remand home in Aurangabad.

It was day before yesterday that she made her sensational statement before a few crime reporters.

Most believed she would withdraw it under police pressure.

But the minor insists she would stand by her statement to the investigating police as well, and created a stir among the police hierarchy in Aurangabad that forced at least one senior police officials to proceed on a long leave.

While the commissioner of police. Uddhav Kamble has repeatedly been stressing that no officials involved would be spared, he has refused to divulge their names so far.

One of the officials involved is of the rank of assistant commissioner of police, sources in the police said.

One reason why the names are being held back is to preempt any move by the officials to abscond or seek an anticipatory bail police said.

The girl, a resident of village Khambala in Basmat tehsil of Hingoli district, about 200 km from Aurangabad was often subjected to harassment by her mother and one day, about four months ago, the girl left her home, said a senior women activists who accompanied the police during the investigations.

Not knowing anyone in Aurangabad, the girl spent most of the day at the railway station where the brothel owner, Shameem Aunty got hold of her.

Shameen, showing all her patient consoled the girl and let her stay with her for over a month, after which she quietly initiated her into the business, police said. As it turned out, the brothel owner had set aside the minor especially for her clients from the police department.

First Published: Apr 26, 2007 17:10 IST