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Online application is available in few colleges like KMC: Rohit Choudhary

Aug 06, 2004 12:34 PM IST

Read transcript of a chat with Rohit Choudhary, president of DUSU, on May 28 to know all about your admission related queries. Choudhary has been joint secretary, DUSU in 2001-02. A final year student of the Law, Delhi University, he has, in the past, helped students during admissions and arranged scholarships for disabled students.

himanshujha: What are doing to stop ragging this year?
Rohit Choudhary: In all colleges, we will have an anti-ragging cell comprising students, teachers and office staff. We take action against anyone who is complained against. We will have I-card entry and we will restrict outsiders from entry. Ragging is mostly done by outsiders. We will keep the committee very active this time. Over the years, ragging has gone down in the past three years and now it is at a minimum level.

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lashtha: How is DCAC for journalism? What is the cut-off percentage?
Rohit Choudhary: You will have to check up from the college as we do not have an information about individual vocational courses. But the college is quite good for journalism. (Quite hep, actually.) The crowd is good too.

lashtha: I've got 69.4% and also zonal sports representation. Which means I get 5% etc. Can I make it?
Rohit Choudhary: You will require inter-zonal qualification in sports.

lashtha: Please tell me about this new single form and where all is it available? I stay at Janakpuri so which is the nearest place from where I can collect the form?
Rohit Choudhary: SDM College, Punjabi Bagh; Deen Dyal Upadhaya College, Moti Nagar, Karam Pura. It is available in 11 centres.

rohit: What is your opinion about the new BA course? How will it affect the career prospects?
Rohit Choudhary: We will need to see after it is launched. We have not seen much about it as yet.

send2abhinay: I passed my class 12th in 2002 from Gujarat. Am I eligible for admission this session in DU? If yes, please let me know if some of my marks would be cut for making to the merit list? And how much would that be approximately?
Rohit Choudhary: You can take admission and no marks will be cut. A gap of two years is allowed.

laughingbuddha: Has computerisation affected admission processes in DU? Not just the results being declared online, but also seats availibility, cut off marks, etc?
Rohit Choudhary: Admission process has become easy, convenient and pocket-friendly. Previously, one had to get different forms for admission to a single college. Now you can apply at all colleges with a single form of Rs. 15.

himanshujha: What is the funda behind online application?
Rohit Choudhary: It is there in limited colleges like KMC, Gargi, etc. not in most of the colleges. You can download forms online and send it. You will get acceptance over the Internet only.

laughingbuddha: Do you think 80-odd colleges under DU is a problem with scores of students coming from all over the country to try their luck?
Rohit Choudhary: Delhi University is a centralized university. One cannot limit external students or fix a percentage for them. Delhi University is open to everyone.

laughingbuddha: What about incidences of eve teasing in DU colleges?
Rohit Choudhary: When eve-teasing was happening, we requested the commissioner of police. After that a lady constable has been appointed in front of all colleges. If someone indulging in eve-teasing is caught, they are released from police station only when their mother, or wife comes personally to the police station. After this there has been a reduction in the incidence of eve-teasing after this.

himanshujha62: Are you going to contest the election again?
Rohit Choudhary: We have a rule that once you win from a post, you cannot contest for the post again. So I will not be able to contest again.

send2abhinay: To consider the aggregate of best four subjects, is it mandatory to consider Physics also or shall I only include English, Chemistry, Biology, Maths for B.Sc (Hons)?
Rohit Choudhary: For B.Sc. PCM or PCB is compulsory. So you cannot include percentage without Physics.

lashtha1: What is the cut-off for journalism at DCAC?
Rohit Choudhary: There is an entrance test and interview after a cut-off of 60%. Journalism is also there in Maharaja Aggrasen College. And also at BR Ambedkar College.

damage_inc86: Sir, I have certificates from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. They provide courses in Music and I have scored 88.6% in Commerce with informatics practices. So how much help can these certificates will provide?
Rohit Choudhary: It depends from college to college. In extra-curricular activities, if they give weightage to Music, it will help.

damage_inc86: So is there any specific percentage it offers?
Rohit Choudhary: There are no specific criteria of evaluating extra curricular activities. It will help you if you are have got more than 55% (of course, you are way above it!).

lashtha1: Even for Journalism do they see best of four subjects?
Rohit Choudhary: Yes. It is always best of four.

laughingbuddha: Do you think there should be more U specials, with of course tighter control of genuine students availing the facility?
Rohit Choudhary: In this session, we have started 10 U-specials. In the coming session, we will have 10 more U-specials, so we will have a total of 20 U specials.

laughingbuddha: But what about rowdy elements getting into buses and creating all kinds of problems?
Rohit Choudhary: In U-specials only students with a student bus pass can be allowed. No outsiders are allowed.

send2abhinay: Please let me know the name of the college which conducts Entrance Test for B.Sc (H) Food Technology?
Rohit Choudhary: Institute of Home Economics.

lashtha1: I had PCB with physical education. Will they cut any percent from my aggregate?
Rohit Choudhary: Physical Education is not accepted in many colleges. It will depend from college to college if they consider physical education. There is no cut in percentage if a science student applies in journalism.

rakhee: I've got 75%. I want to do B.Com (Hons). Where should I apply?
Rohit Choudhary: Aditi College, Bharti College, BR Ambedkar College, Dyal Singh, Kalindi College, Motilal and others.

mohan: What is DUSU doing to help students during admission?
Rohit Choudhary: We are outside all colleges (where forms are being submitted) as a DUSU information cum help centre. It will have senior students to assist you.

sonaligupta2: Sir, I had science with economics as my subjects in class 12th. I wanted to know whether the Sciences have a disadvantage getting through DU for an Eco (Hons) course?
Rohit Choudhary: There will not be any such problem.

send2abhinay: What is the weightage of class 10th & 12th% in Institute Of Home Economics for Food Tech?
Rohit Choudhary: You should have 57.5% for B.Sc.(Home Sc.).

laughingbuddha: Do you think college elections should be de-politicized? Today, each group contesting is attached to some political party or the other.
Rohit Choudhary: College elections are also based upon ideology. Each ideology is associated with a party. If there is a help and participation of senior members in such elections then I don't find it bad.

laughingbuddha: But unfortunately a lot of criminal elements get into college elections thanks to political associations. That is a real danger. Do you agree?
Rohit Choudhary: This does not happen. Those who vote are not criminals and they are not affected by criminals. It's a secret ballot, which is overseen by teachers and others. Yeh pade likho ka election hai koi gali mohalle ka nahin.

e_edu123: I did 12th six years ago and I want to take admission in PGDAV college in BA (Maths). Will I be restricted admission on the basis of the gap?
Rohit Choudhary: Maximum two years' gap is permitted. Beyond that it is not permitted. You can do a professional course like Law.

sonaligupta2: I also want to know my chances of getting through SRCC for an Eco (Hons) course with a 91.5 percent score in boards.
Rohit Choudhary: I think you will get through. The chances are bright. The last year's cut-off was 89.25%.

ektagoyal_del: What is last cut-off for B.Sc (Hons)?
Rohit Choudhary: Please specify if you are looking for any specific college or suggest your marks so that we can suggest accordingly.

ektagoyal_del: North Campus?
Rohit Choudhary: Nearabout 70-75%.

sonaligupta2: Do students having Science with Economics have an edge over those having PE or computers for getting through an Eco (Hons) course?
Rohit Choudhary: You have a much better chance. Computers and physical education is not added in many colleges.

e_edu1231: What is the last cut-off for BA (Maths Hons) in DAV
Rohit Choudhary: 60%.

ektagoyal_del: I have got 67% on the whole.
Rohit Choudhary: It is difficult with 67% in north campus. You can try at outside campus colleges.

ektagoyal_del: Do I stand a chance in second or third cut-off?
Rohit Choudhary: No. It won't happen.

send2abhinay: Would DUSU volunteers be present outside college centres where application forms are to be sold so that if any query arises later, we can ask them?
Rohit Choudhary: Bilkul. We will have a proper tent with banners, etc.

lashtha1: What's the difference between Journalism (Hons) and Journalism (pass) course?
Rohit Choudhary: There is no Journalism (Hons) course. It's just called B.A. Journalism, which will come as a pass course.

ektagoyal_del: I wanted to go for B.Sc (Hons) in Maths or Chemistry.
Rohit Choudhary: You can try at ARSD, DDU, Deshbandhu, Kalindi, Maitrei, Motilal, Shivaji and Rajdhani also.

e_edu123: Can I do a correspondence course in BA (Maths) from DU?
Rohit Choudhary: No. That will not be possible. You can try at other universities (like Osmania) or professional courses.

sonaligupta2: What are my chances of getting through St Stephen's with a 91.5 score for Eco (Hons)?
Rohit Choudhary: Chances are bright. Last year the cut-off was 89.5%.

deadly: Can I get admission into B.Com correspondence by clearing threes subjects by CBSE and two by open school?
Rohit Choudhary: You can get it also on compartment basis.

send2abhinay: Is there any hostel facility for girls in Institute Of Home Economics?
Rohit Choudhary: No.

lashtha1: What's the scope for Journalism? What can I do afterwards?
Rohit Choudhary: There is a good scope in newspapers after a course in Journalism.

lashtha1: And media? I meant scope in sense of higher studies. What can I apply for afterwards?
Rohit Choudhary: You can join Mass Communication in IIMC. And you can do post-graduation in various courses in mass communication afterwards.

sonaligupta2: Is it true that the college cut-offs are expected to be lower this year?
Rohit Choudhary: No. Approximately they stay the same.

ektagoyal_del: You are talking of north campus or outside as well?
Rohit Choudhary: I'm talking of north campus. You can get admission outside.

ektagoyal_del: Shyaam lal?
Rohit Choudhary: The college does not have B. Sc.(Maths).
If you are girl then in the college you get 5% extra weightage.
The college has B.Sc (Gen) Group A and B.Sc. (Gen) - Electronics.

mohit: Which are the colleges offering courses in biotechnology?
Rohit Choudhary: Swami Shraddhanand College.

monuneha_ag: I had six subjects in Class-XII. I have passed five subjects but I have FT in biology. Will this affect my admission in DU?
Rohit Choudhary: It will not affect. You will get admission in DU.

sonaligupta2: Professionally, which course is better - B.Com or Eco (Hons). I am a student of science with Eco. Will it be a difficult for me to cope up with subjects like accounts as I have no elementary idea?
Rohit Choudhary: Both of them are tough. B.Com. (Hons.) is far better.

send2abhinay: If suppose in the first cut-off list, I join 'A' college but later, after second cut-off list I want to join 'B' college, then can I change the college?
Rohit Choudhary: Yes. You can take a withdrawal from previous college and join the other one.

lashtha1: Is BA Journalism better or English (Hons) in terms of scope? Can I apply for both?
Rohit Choudhary: You can apply for both. English (Hons) is a good course too. You can still join journalism and mass communication after that.

ektagoyal_del: Is there any future in B.Sc (Gen)?
Rohit Choudhary: You can join M.Sc and you can also do post-graduation in Physics, Chemistry or Maths after Group A.

monuneha_ag: I have applied for competitive exams for B.Tech, B.Arch. & B.Sc. What can I do not to waste my year if I am not selected?
Rohit Choudhary: You can take admission in any of the colleges and keep trying in entrances.

bpstomar: I wanna know the procedure of getting admission in C.A. after 10+2?
Rohit Choudhary: You can enroll in CA Foundation and you can also do graduation alongside.

send2abhinay64: Do fees refund then?
Rohit Choudhary: Yes. They deduct a 15-20%.

sonaligupta2: What is cut-off in SRCC for B.Com (Hons)?
Rohit Choudhary: Minimum 90.5/91.5%.

ektagoyal_del: Does Shyaam lal have B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry?
Rohit Choudhary: No.

monuneha_ag: Which college is best for B.Sc?
Rohit Choudhary: Best colleges are Ramjas, Hindu and Hansraj.

lashtha1: How is the reputation of DCAC?
Rohit Choudhary: It has a very good reputation. It has a good crowd too. It depends upon your marks. It has a good crowd for a low percentage.

bpstomar: I also wanna know about the placement given after doing B.Sc. in Hotel Management?
Rohit Choudhary: We don't have this course in Delhi University.

send2abhinay: Is there any hostel facility for girls in Rajguru and Bhaskaracharya College Of Applied Sciences?
Rohit Choudhary: No.

ektagoyal_del: What is the last cut-off mark for Mass Communications in IIMC? Rohit Choudhary: The basis of joining it is entrance and admission test. You can be a graduate in any stream.

monuneha_ag: I secured 66% in 12th class. In which college can I get admission for science?
Rohit Choudhary: It's difficult. You can try Physics (Hons) or Eco (Hons) at DDU. Dyal Singh also has some courses. You can also get through Shraddhand college, Rajdhani and Motilal.

lashtha1: I have scored 70% with 5% for zonals which makes it about 75%. So can I try for Journalism and English at DCAC?
Rohit Choudhary: Yes. You will get through. In some other colleges there is an entrance test for English (Hons).

ektagoyal_del: Does DU offer Mass Comm like IIMC?
Rohit Choudhary: No. DU is not specialized to offer Mass Comm courses. Only IIMC specializes in that.

send2abhinay: Would you please let me know if there is any placement provided by the College after doing B.Sc (Hons) Food technology?
Rohit Choudhary: Placements usually happen for B.Com/B.A.(English Hons) and few other courses only.

sonaligupta2: What is the cut off for St Stephen's for Eco (Hons) course?
Rohit Choudhary: In Stephen's they check your 10th marks and other things followed by an interview. There is no specific cut-off. They have their own criteria for admission.

monuneha_ag: If I do 1st year in correspondence and score well can I then try for admission in college in 2nd year?
Rohit Choudhary: Obviously, you can. You will have to take a migration. It happens if you have a good percentage. It's higher for good colleges.

send2abhinay: What are the career prospects after doing B.Sc Food Technology?
Rohit Choudhary: You can apply as a food inspector. You can also go to F&B companies.

karan: Is there any new vocational course in DU?
Rohit Choudhary: Computer Science, Journalism, Office Management, Tourism, Interior/Exterior Designing, Trade, Social Work, Insurance, IMRP, IRPM, Data Processing, Foreign Trade, etc.

lashtha1: If I do well in 1st year at DCAC then can I try for LSR (for Journalism) in my 2nd year?
Rohit Choudhary: If your marks are good and if you match their minimum criteria then your admission will happen.

lashtha1: You mean marks in my first year?
Rohit Choudhary: Yes.

ektagoyal_del: I have scored 67 in Chemistry, 63 in Maths, 63 in Biology, 62 in Physics. What course do you suggest and in which college?
Rohit Choudhary: Ramjas (Environmental Science) and you will get through almost all colleges outside North Campus.

send2abhinay: Is there M.Sc in Food Technology in DU? Does one have to appear for a test to get admission?
Rohit Choudhary: There is a Department of Food Technology in Delhi University and you can get through it. There is an entrance for it. And there is an entrance for all post-graduate colleges.

ektagoyal_del: Do I stand a chance in 2nd or 3rd cut-off to get through north campus?
Rohit Choudhary: It's very difficult. Just try for Environmental sciences course at Ramjas.

Thank you so much for joining us Mr. Rohit Choudhary! Will you like to leave a message for those who joined us today?
Rohit Choudhary: All the best for your admission and education in Delhi University. Please be sure to apply in more colleges, and follow the cut-off list of previous year. Applying in more colleges ensures that your future is secure. If you need any help then please feel free to contact our counters outside colleges.

Thank you everyone for joining us! It was a pleasure having you all here today.

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