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Surfers overwhelmed by India's victory

Surfers' overwhelmed by India's victory and convey their best wishes to the Team India for their spectacular perfromance against Australia.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON JAN 19, 2008 11:30 PM IST

Majid Kar From Qatar ( says
Congrats, team India. That is your potential. Keep it up. I m sure we can square the series.

Irudayam Jana From Tiruchirapalli ( says
Well done Kumble. You and your players showed Indians are great and showed to the cricket world that you have potencial to defeat any team.Congratualtions.

Saifuddin Tuta From Udaipur ( says
Congratulation for a fabulous win ..surely Irfan and company has done fabulous job for wining the battle..salute

Denzil Chesney From United States of America ( says
Congratulations Team India. The evolving captaincy and virtually limitless talent and potential has finally paid off. I believe the future is secure and on the right track. Best of luck

Capt TN Sharma From Delhi ( says
Congratulations Team India. It's a stupendous achievement to defeat Australians in their own country and break the continuous winning spree It is a good team spirit. Kudos to Anil Kumble's leadership. Keep it up God Bless you.

Sivakumar Rajendran From Kochi ( says
Well Done Team India , keep the good work going ahead.

Pralag Agarkhed From Thane ( says
Past statistics wanted !! Great historic win,congrats team India. Can anyone tell me when was Australia defeated last in two consecutive Test matches? Thanks in advance.

Harkirat Bajaj From Canada says
Congratulations!!! Let us celebrate with another win in the next Test!!!!

Vipul Rathore From Delhi ( says
Well done boys. It shows we were the team which was playing the game in the right spirit in Sydney. It shows we were right through out the series and lets hope this continues in last match also.And may God bless kumble for his fantastic and dignified performance.

Ram Khatri from Hyderabad ( says
Good show and congratulations. Our team should shoulders more responsibilities and play consistently. I donnot digest that in second inning, Dravid, Sachin and Saurav's had to go out with low scores. They are backbone of batting and they have to be more careful and responsible. Well done Laxman.

Jai Singh from United States of America says
This is a great win but too early to congratulate. I want to see more consistent wins before I congratulate. I want see whether they won because they are are a good team or because Australia played bad.

Mahendrakumar Amin from United Kingdom ( says
Good luck for the 4th Test

Atul Aggarwal from United States of America ( says
Congratulations to Team India. It is too bad that Australians do not have anything to complain about. So, suddenly Harbhajan is not a chucker (Hey what about Shaun Tait?).

Harpreet Singh from Kurukshetra ( says
Congratulations! Indian team...A great efforts and Hats off to you Mr Engineer- Kumble as well as to entire team.

Siva Nair from Thiruvananthapuram says
Congrats Team India, I am so proud of this team

Akash Upadhyay from Meerut ( says
Congratulations Men in Blue.You have again proved that you are the real pride of the nation.Now make sure that u repeat ur spirited performance in Adelaide also. Best of luck.

Bindhya Jha from Delhi ( says
Well done sons. That is new India-give them back. Kumble a good captain and a good man. Under Kumble, we have got over the dark era when Indian cricket was muddled by a coach and a Chief Selector. A Team under a Captain is what performs and wins and not youngsters or seniors. Divisive people should be isolated.

Nivas Manore from Mumbai ( says
Hi,Great Team India!!!!!!!!

Paul Williams from Australia ( says
I will congratulate them when they actually WIN A SERIES in Australia!

Nivas Manore from Mumbai ( says
Hi,Great Team India!!!!!!!!

Paul Williams from Australia ( says
I will congratulate them when they actually WIN A SERIES in Australia!

Sanatkumar Vasavada from Vadodara ( says
Heartiest congratulations Team India! It is not an individual win, it is the total effort as team. No individual has won; it is the team has won. The Aussies has been told that "Raja Ravan ka Abhiman bhi nahi rahatha". Keep it up, young men, the victory is thine.

John Mathew from United States of America says

Congrats, keep it up India.

Srinivasan Perumal from Chennai ( says

Perth victory is the best Test match victory in my life time. Kudos to the Indian team. Would not be complete if I fail to mention the captaincy of Kumble. Bringing Shewag and Pathan was a masterstroke. Ishant should be groomed not for his hostile spell but for the temperament he had shown. In all everyone contributed their might. Well done India. Proud to be part of this emerging India aha aha aha!!!

BP Sood from Pune ( says
Well done boys. Keep it up

Pravin kumar from Puduchchery ( says
India has pulled off a outstanding win. It shows our charcter, courage & conviction to come over from any adversaries. Many many contratulations to Team India

Rahul Chaudhary from United States of America ( says
Had it not been Steve Buckner, India would have been leading 2-1.

Prem Patwal Patwal from United Kingdom ( says
This is a great victory all of you made the whole nation very proud in cricket. Congratulations and keep it up.

Inder Bedi from Canada ( says
Excellent captaincy and team work to bring this glory. You can do it again. Good luck for next Test.

Makhan Ram Goswami from Jalandhar (

) says

Congratulation... It has proved our point of view at last Test match was right. We would have won the last match also but due to wrong decisions of umpires, we lost. India can beat Ausies anywhere and any time.

Ross Nelson from Australia says

Well done india. Now you only have to win another 15 straight to equal Australia!

Vikas Shukla from Canada ( says
The only game India played against 11 players, they won. It is hard to play when Umpires are playing on Aussie's side.

Arundhati Sathaye from Mumbai ( says

What can we say for this fantastic victory. Indeed Jumbo and his boys have performed exceptionally well. Let there be many more. Heartiest congratulations to all of them and my blessings also.

Aimaan Khan from Delhi ( says

Congrats to our blue thunders. Now that Australia is playing normal cricket they got trounced by Team India. Their winning secret was by bullying rival teams & now that Kumble's boys taught them a lesson or two after the 2nd Test, they are behaving properly.

Aimaan Khan from Saudi Arabia ( says

Congrats to our blue thunders. Now that Australia is playing normal cricket they got trounced by Team India. Their winning secret was by bullying rival teams & now that Kumble's boys taught them a lesson or two after the 2nd Test, they are behaving properly.

Arundhati Sathaye from Indore (

) says

What can we say for this fantastic victory. Indeed Jumbo had his boys perform exceptionally well. Let there be many more. Heartiest CongratulationS to all of them and my blessings also.

Anil Mehta from Jaipur ( says
Team India,Congrats !!

Sandeep Parekh from Mumbai ( says
Great. Lets all sing the national anthem together and feel proud to be an Indian.

Zafar Osman Ghadial from Saudi Arabia ( says
Perth has become the Pearl Harbour of Cricket. Indian strikers did a spendid well-timed attack. Now go and conquer the next destination. Let the world know the true result by playing with only 11 players.

Avinash Aditya from Varanasi ( says
Congratulations to Team India from me and my friends.

Sourish BhattacharyaFrom Durg (

) says

We as Indians should be proud that we had ultimately done it. Three Cheers to Team India. Hip Hip Hurray !!!!

Harpal SinghFrom Delhi ( says
Well done and keep it up. We have to have draw the series at least.All the very best for the Adeliade Test.

Charles Desouza from Australia ( says
As an Indian brought up in Australia, I was truly thrilled to see such an unbelievable performance from our(Indian)national heroes. To see how much it meant to Sachin, Sourav, and Rahul, given all they have achieved, just shows how mush they love representing India. I am so proud to be an Indian!!!

Teha Gill from Ludhiana ( says
A deserving victory, which has shown that India would have won the series if Buckner had not accepted a bribe from Australia.

Sudhir Kohli from Australia ( says
Congratulations team India. You have proved your ability to beat any one any where if the game is played fairly.

Anil Datta from Bangalore (

) says

O'Man! What can I say, I lost 5 kgs, eaten up all my nails in the last (tense) session of the game and now celebrating . I am a proud Indian walking tall in Australia. Well done Team India you have made us all very proud.

Shanmugasundaram Vaidyalingam from Chennai (

) says

Well done Kumble. You have taken India to dizzy heights beating the Aussies in their own den. Wishing you and team many more success. Captaincy is never late than ever for you.

Adesh Jain from Mandsaur ( says
Wel donne! It was necessary after the Sydney controversy.

Pritam Sinha from Delhi ( says
Perth Test victory is really-really sweet as subcontinental teams aren't expected to win at WACA. Adelaide ? A repeat of 2003?

Raja Sekaran from Australia ( says
Congratulations. Well done Indian team and keep going!

Hema Anand from Bangalore ( says
The guy from Bengaluru has shown that his actions speak louder than words. You can be a dignified ambassador of the game without being cocky and loud mouthed and the best part is that you can win even under the most trying circumstances.

Naresh Lall from Canada (

) says

Hats off to Indian team for their brilliant performance. Some of the credit for this win must go to Australian team & particularly Symonds that Indian team was united after the sad episode of Sydney.

Sunder Ramakrishna from Kolkata ( says
Congratulations Team India. This victory will keep the killer spirit alive.

Sanjiv Bhartiya from Bokaro ( says
Well done. But for the awful decision in Syndey Test, it could have been 2-1. Make it 2-2 guys! All the very best! The whole nation is with you.

Sunder Ramakrishna from France ( says
Congratulations Team India. This victory will keep the killer spirit alive.

Rupal Gupta from Lucknow ( says
We won because our spirits were high.

Raj Kashyap from Coimbatore says

Hearty Congrats to you all. You have made us proud. Hats off, keep this up

Paresh Kumar Bihari from Hyderabad (

) says

Chak De India!

PP Singh Chadha from Delhi ( says
Bravo Lions of India. You have hit the nail on the head. Those who teased you in Sydney are tormented in Perth. Australian cricket team's pride had to fall one day and that day is today that is 19th of January,2008. Let's party tonight.

Padam Kumar Bhaskaran Pillai from Delhi ( says
Congratulations to Indian team on the thumping victory over Australia in Perth. Do the best in adelaide also.

Pritika G from Vijayawada ( says
Congrats....You have made us proud. It’s high time that the bullies should be taught a lesson.

Ramesh Goel from Kolkata ( says
Many, many congratulations to the Indian team on this wonderful performance. Australians have been proved wrong. BCCI should take up the matter with ICC for cancellation of previous match and Ricky Ponting should be banned for playing in future for his undue behaviour in the last match.

Rewi Smith from Delhi says
I'm a New Zealander, but I just wanted to say good on you India! You have shown those Aussies how cricket can be played, and won, without needing to cheat like they do! Well done India!

Balraj Kapoor from Delhi (

) says

Congratulations Kumble and team, keep it up guys.

Sharat Babu Prakhya from Rampur ( says
I have no words to applaud Team India on winning a Test in less than four days that too on Perth pitch. It would have been 2-1 instead of 1-2 but for umpiring issues.

Inderpal Singh from Hyderabad ( says
Today I am very happy I like to congratulate to Team india. Wish you guys all the best.

Shanker Adhikari from Australia ( says
Many-Many happy returns of the day. Congratulations Team India.

Abhishek Kar from Bangalore ( says
Well done Team India. Keep it up!

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