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SurferSpeak | 'Don't use sympathy card'

Surfers agree Ganguly is past his prime and does not merit selection in Indian team. What Ganguly said | What we asked | Read more views

india Updated: Sep 09, 2006 13:46 IST

We ran an article on former captain Sourav Ganguly in which the former captain was quoted as saying that he was still good enough to be in the national team. Surfers wrote in both to differ and agree with him. Here's how it went.

The Nay Club

Differing from dada, John Abraham of Nicosia, Cyprus felt his form was in question even when he was the captain, let alone now.

"Ganguly's performance has been questionable for a long time. It is surprising that he found a place in the squad for the last world cup. He has to thank the likes of Dalmiya for being in the team for such a long time."

"His recent performance in county cricket is a clear indication that he is well past his prime. He will save himself from public ridicule, if he accepts this fact. His overall demeanour of late shows that a great career in politics awaits him."

Ranganathan of New Delhi, India agrees that his best was behind him.
"I do not think Ganguly is good enough to play for the country in the present form. His exclusion was a correct decision."

"Through much of his captaincy his form was bad. For a strange reason he persisted with captaincy even though he failed miserably with the bat, ball and in the fielding department. Think of how many players have been rubbished for bad play in comparison to Ganguly…"

"He was a great captain and a player once. But that was in the past and he should have retired gracefully (which incidentally, no Indian player does). He is using sympathy as a tool and the media and few other interested persons are raking up the issue."

Mumbai-based Sunny thought Ganguly should stop using sympathy card to get into the national team.

"He should perform with the bat in the field at present and shouldn't use sympathy card or past records to be back in the team. If you talk about past records then we should select even Sandeep Patil who till date hasn't resigned from international cricket."

"There is no argument that Ganguly was one of the best batsmen world has ever seen. We can't keep someone in the team because 'he was' one of the best. To be in the team 'he should be one of the best'."

New Delhi's Ganesh agreed Ganguly was an aggressive captain but could not be included in the team now.

"I agree Ganguly is a good and aggressive leader (captain) but as a player he does not fit into Indian team now. Although he could have a slight chance in ODIs but it's a total 'no' in Tests. He should be given a chance for a fair farewell keeping in view of his contribution to Indian cricket."

Jaipur's Stani felt that his current performance was way below the standards.
"His current performance is not up to international standards. He has to accept this reality."

The Yeah Club

Amit Sarkar of New Delhi agreed he still had some cricket in him.

"Sourav Ganguly has the ability to play for Team India. After all he is a former captain of the team. How can we ignore his efforts in the making of Team India? He is the one who worked hard to make our team strong."

"He brought young players in the team and gave them a chance. Who was instrumental in getting players like Yuvraj who are playing in the team right now this far? Ganguly of course! All players go through a lean patch. During that period we have to support them instead of blaming them or not selecting them in the team. This is the spirit of game."

BK Neogy of Melaka, Malaysia says,"Everybody needs to perform but when somebody fails to do so then it needs to be examined. Sourav Ganguly has given a lot to the country. The country should recognise this and offer him a chance to not only play but also see to it that he is given a chance to bat and show his ability."

Subhajit of New Delhi felt that dada's statistics were good enough to have him in the team.

"Yes, he is good if you see his statistics. He should be included in the team as he is an experienced player and would be good for the Indian team."

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Sep 03, 2006 14:50 IST