Was N Korea right - why judge?
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Was N Korea right - why judge?

Our surfers seem to suggest that it is the US which needs to be reined in.

india Updated: Oct 12, 2006 10:13 IST

North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb on Monday. That has set the world talking. Did it do the right thing?

Here's how the surfers reacted to the news.

Asha Kumar of New Delhi, India there is a need for the second super power to counter USA.

"More than half a century ago the second world war concluded. Since then much time has gone by. However, there hasn't been any tangible change in world bodies except disintegration of USSR. Before USSR's disintegration, there were two super powers who were always in rivalry for number one's position. The rivalry had kept the pendulum of power 'well-balanced' and had made the world virtually worriless. Ever since the fall of USSR there has been one-man show - the President of America."

"Imbalance is the main cause of the current predicament of the world. During two super powers dispensation, the problems more or less remained shrouded. The main reason for the third world countries to possess nuclear bomb is just because of insecurity from their neighbours, particularly those who are America's favourites or from America itself."

"Russia can't possibly recoup her earlier status. But, a bloc of like-minded countries could perhaps be created which could then act as second super power."

Alexander Ghazanfar of Sukkur, Pakistan said that no international law could stop North Korea from going nuclear.

"North Korea can not be forced by any international law. When the same action was performed by the USA, China and others and none opposed. Why oppose North Korea then?"

Rajiv of Mumbai, India felt the US had no business asking others to stop working on their nuclear arsenal particularly since it was itself responsible for an arms race.

"It's a big joke that sitting on the heap of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, US has become self proclaimed saviour of mankind. Before preaching others and preventing others who wish to obtain nuclear technology even for peaceful purposes - why don't they destroy all such weapons in their possession and set an example for the world?"

"If the world has threat from any country - it is none other than the US. It is the US - that is the only country in the history of mankind that has used nuclear technology and atom bomb to kill humanity and millions of precious lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

"Is it not surprising that with the history of eliminating entire race of Red Indians and forcefully occupying their home land and enslaving blacks and committing numerous atrocities on them US is advocating 'anti-terrorism' and has become so-called guardian of 'world peace' and 'safe world'? What they did in Iraq and even today what they are doing there is shameful."

"But, in a way we, the peace loving citizens of the world, are equally responsible for all their misdeeds. We have become impotent and observing everything as a silent spectator. We do not have guts to highlight and expose the misdemeanour of a nation of so-called civilised people."

"My only question at this juncture is that why only a selected few should have the nuclear muscle to threaten others?"

However, not every body thought so badly of the US chasing other aspirants to the nuclear title. RD Shenoy of Mumbai, India felt countries such as N Korea would only try to blackmail the world.

"Other day in a poll conducted by a TV station majority of the Indians was of the view that N Korea has the right to have nuclear weapon. I was disappointed with the way Indians thought. N Korea, Iran etc are not responsible states. Please understand that these countries are trying to get the nuclear weapons to blackmail the world."

"When others are trying to assess the yield of the N Korean test, they have already started putting conditions to stop further tests. One may argue what about Pakistan? Pakistan had to do the test for domestic compulsions and not for any other reason. I am sure the Americans have a firm control over Pakistan nuclear weapons programme."

Nikhil Puri of Chicago, USA felt India had lots to worry after this explosion as its civilian deal could be under threat.

"Now that North Korea has exploded, my doubts have been confirmed. India needs a Herculean effort to pull up the deal from stalemate. It is immaterial whether it was .02 or 50 kiloton. The point is that North Korea now has nuclear weapons. And it can bring the whole world on its knees."

"First of all India needs to make a clear stand on non-proliferation. The situation is just like in a crowded train. Have to stop new passengers on train. The last thing she wants is another nuclear state in Asia."

"The nuclear track record justification is very childish. Stop standing for moralistic principles. She has suffered a lot."

"Thirdly change the diplomatic perspective. World has to be seen not from our prism but from the other side around. The options will be less but will be more pragmatic and strengthen security."

"Last but not the least Pakistan centric diplomacy has to be dumped. It is hard to come to fact but Pakistan's Musharraf is the safest bet and ally for the US in war on terror. Even if it is evident that Pakistan is supporting terrorism stop cramming every time there is an incident."

"A stable Pakistan under military is much better than being ruled by Islamic fascists."

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First Published: Oct 12, 2006 10:13 IST