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What’s Left of it?

The CPI(M) has decided to cleanse itself of evils. This way lies the road to redemption.

india Updated: May 12, 2010 22:05 IST
Hindustan Times

After lurching from historical blunders to plain old blunders, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has finally discerned what is going wrong with it. In a resolution adopted by its Central Committee on the rectification campaign, the party has identified a number of all too human foibles as being responsible for its slide down the slippery slope. The desire to acquire material ‘positions’ (??) and a better lifestyle are among the primary culprits. Clearly, most of us who harbour such goals will not make it past the portals of the party office.

The other major problem, say the worthies behind the rectification drive, is the party’s association with bourgeois outfits in electoral alliances due to which the corrosive influences of money, liquor and corrupt practices have grown. How silly of us not to have seen that. Given the wild popularity of the party, under the able stewardship of General Secretary Prakash Karat, it should have sailed into power without the props of these undesirable elements with their love for currency and cocktails. Our advice is that once the party is suitably cleansed of these influences, it might undertake a new drive, this time on how to get votes. This is something the party seems out of touch with.

We can’t quite see how the comrades will whip around the countryside armed with the communist commandments and get people to take them seriously. But such fears have never stopped Karat and Co. The fact is that the rules of politics as it is played today have refreshingly bypassed our reds. But then the maha Marxists in AKG Bhavan have seen things through rouge-tinted glasses for years. Much like the Queen of Hearts, who had the roses painted red to suit herself and sliced off the heads of those who didn’t agree with her, the Left’s really in a bit of lurch. Perhaps, this is part of the correction campaign, courtesy Karat and his merry band, which could well be termed the great sleep forward.

First Published: May 12, 2010 22:02 IST

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