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Bedroom decor 101: Top interior design trends and tips to transform your space

Jul 29, 2023 12:17 PM IST

From soothing colours to functional furniture, it's time to give your boring bedroom a stylish makeover with these trendy interior decor ideas.

When a house captures your essence, it becomes a home. The private space in one's home where one is invited to unwind after a long day is the bedroom. You can genuinely just be yourself there. It only makes sense that you would furnish and decorate it in a way that not only makes you feel comfortable but also as if you belong there. It's critical to choose products that are useful, of high quality, sustainable, and inexpensive in order to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Since interior design trends are always changing, it's critical to choose design concepts with current trends in mind and give your living space a makeover that is fashionable, individualistic, and appealing. (Also read: Luxurious interior design trends: The fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary inspirations )

From choosing the perfect colour palette to selecting furniture that complements your needs, it's important to know the dos and don'ts of bedroom decor. (Unsplash)
From choosing the perfect colour palette to selecting furniture that complements your needs, it's important to know the dos and don'ts of bedroom decor. (Unsplash)

Latest Trends in Bedroom Decor

Erik-Jan Middelhoven, Country Home Furnishings and Retail Design Manager at IKEA India shared with HT Lifestyle top trends in bedroom decor, that you can choose from, depending on which resonates with you.

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1. Modern florals

Floral prints have been long withstanding against a lot of trends that come and go, and this year it's going to be no different. The plentiful floral designs to choose from ensure a universal appeal, catering to everyone's unique tastes and palettes. Floral print walls can amp up any room in an instant, or, if you want to be more subtle, you may consider classic statement pieces such as floral pillowcases and duvet covers, floral rugs, floral upholstery, or a floral throw-over.

2. A statement headboard

The bed is without a doubt the most crucial component of your room. The headboard of the bed should thus be used to make a statement that expresses your personality. Be it a colourful horizontal design with contrasting dark colours, a lively one, or even a headboard crafted by hand out of rattan.

3. Storage hiding in plain sight

Today, this trend is among the most popular, and for good reason. Effective space management is essential to creating a clutter-free, open, and welcoming appearance in any flat, regardless of size. In order to maximise the available space, one must choose furniture that is constructed with built-in storage. Examples of such furniture are beds that have storage below, on each side, or even hidden in the wall. Such pointers would aid in making the most of the available space and keeping everything looking neat.

4. Calming colour palette

Light and neutral colour choices frequently offer a relaxing and welcoming impact. They also provide the impression that the room is larger, more open, and cleaner. As you have probably observed, most homes feature white walls and other interior décor items like coffee tables, bed frames, shoe racks, and more that were bought to offer a basic and appealing look to blend in with the surroundings. This gives the house an exquisite appearance and well-designed interiors.

5. Sustainability

People are becoming more environmentally conscious, planet-positive, and practising a more ethical way of living as they become more aware of the unnecessary harm being done. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to refer to this as a trend as it is more of an adaptive lifestyle approach. People are choosing daily products manufactured from sustainably derived materials to follow suit, such as bamboo trays, organic cotton upholstery, clay décor pieces, and recycled wood furniture.

There are countless trends that will incessantly come and go, but the only trend that is timeless and ageless is the personification of your taste being translated into the fundamentals of your room.

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