Time to keep watch: The Weekly Puzzle by Dilip D’Souza

My family teases me about my collection of watches
By Dilip D’Souza
UPDATED ON FEB 14, 2021 06:42 AM IST

My family teases me about my collection of watches. An impression has taken root that I am constantly buying more. It burns me up though, leaves me panting. For it’s my bess guess that most of the watches have been gifts.

So anyway, this is about three of those watches. Can you consider these clues and then answer a few quick questions about them?

* The watch with the blue strap is not a Casio.

* My sister-in-law’s gift either has Roman numerals on the dial or is a Titan, but not both.

* The watch with ordinary numbers on its face has a red strap.

* Both my wife and I like simple, clear dials, which is why her Valentine’s Day gift one year has just small lines to mark each number.

* The Troika watch has a red strap.

* The Troika wasn’t my sister-in-law’s gift.


* Who gave me the Casio?

* What’s on the dial of the watch my father gave me?

* What brand is the watch with the brown strap?

Scroll down for the answers.







* My sister-in-law gave me the Casio, bess her generous heart.

* My father gave me the Troika, and it has elegant numerals (not Roman) on the dial.

* The Casio has a brown strap.

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