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Is genderfluid fashion the next big trend in 2024? Experts share insights

Dec 22, 2023 02:21 PM IST

As fashion continues its evolution toward greater inclusivity, the spotlight is turning towards genderfluidity as a potential trendsetter for 2024.

The fashion industry is undergoing a major shift towards inclusivity and self-expression as cultural attitudes towards gender continue to change. In 2024, genderfluid fashion - characterised by its adaptability and defiance of conventional gender norms - is expected to have a significant impact. Gender non-conforming people have always found ways to express who they are through their clothing, regardless of historical period or cultural context. This is not just a trend, but a retrospective representation of the most powerful groups in fashion. Genderfluid fashion can go mainstream next year as designers defy binary fashion standards and demand for clothing that transcends gender boundaries grows. (Also read: Year Ender 2023: From off-shoulder blouses to vibrant colour palettes; explore top 6 ethnic fashion trends of the year)

The emergence of genderfluid fashion is characterized by its versatility and rejection of traditional gender norms.(Freepik)
The emergence of genderfluid fashion is characterized by its versatility and rejection of traditional gender norms.(Freepik)

Is genderfluid fashion going to be mainstream in 2024?

To gain deeper insights into the dynamics of genderfluid fashion and its potential mainstream emergence in the upcoming year, HT Lifestyle reached out to fashion industry experts.

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Aashumi Mahajan and Niyoshi Shah, founders of The Luxe Maison shared with HT Lifestyle, "Gender fluid fashion will go mainstream in 2024, more so in India. As societal norms evolve, there has been a growing awareness and acceptance of diverse gender identities. Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression and as conversations around gender diversity gain momentum online, fashion trends that challenge conventional gender norms are likely to gain popularity. The industry is also becoming more inclusive. With many brands and designers actively promoting gender-neutral or gender fluid collections."

They further added, "The genZ and gen Alpha are far more progressive, assertive and discerning than any other generation in the past. They prioritise self-expression and are demanding of their assertions. They are also influenced by celebrities like Harry Styles etc. Brands like Zara, H&M, and ASOS have launched collections that prioritize inclusivity - making it more accessible. Collaborations between fashion brands and LGBTQ+ organizations or influencers can lead to campaigns that have also become the norm. They want to express themselves authentically, free from traditional constraints associated with gendered clothing. So this will be big in the coming years."

"In contemplating the trajectory of gender fluid fashion in 2024, it is imperative to recognize its profound historical roots. Fashion, as an art form, inherently defies rigid gender norms, a truth that becomes apparent through a journey into the lesser-known annals of history. Historically, men donning skirts and heels was not an anomaly but a prevalent practice across cultures. Ancient Greece, with its draped garments worn by both men and women and the Renaissance era, where European men embraced elaborate, flowing robes, serve as compelling examples. India, with its diverse cultural tapestry, has long contributed to the narrative of sartorial versatility. Traditional Indian attire, such as the dhoti, transcends gender boundaries, embodying a cultural acceptance of fluid silhouettes." says Pruthvi founder of Trazenie.

He added, "The assertion that gender-fluid fashion is here to stay in 2024 is not a mere prediction; rather, it's a recognition of fashion's intrinsic, time-tested nature. The cyclical evolution of styles, evidenced by the recurrence of gender-neutral clothing throughout history, affirms that the future of fashion is one that embraces the fluidity of self-expression. As we navigate through time, the contemporary landscape of style undergoes a profound transformation, marked by a resolute embrace of inclusivity and liberation from traditional constraints.

"My personal conviction further solidifies this belief, with a spotlight on the enduring popularity of gender-fluid attire. Co-ords, oversized clothing, and pantsuits emerge as contemporary manifestations of this shift. These versatile, unisex pieces not only challenge conventional norms but also echo a broader cultural shift towards recognizing and celebrating diverse expressions of identity. Whether on the runway or the bustling streets, fashion has become a stage for a revolutionary movement that transcends binary distinctions. Approaching 2024, the trajectory of this movement suggests that gender-fluid fashion is not merely a fleeting trend but a lasting and integral facet of the fashion landscape—a beacon of a more inclusive and accepting future." says Pruthvi.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Shivanii Parikh founder of Shivanii shared with HT Lifestyle, "One of the most intriguing and promising trends on the horizon is the rise of genderfluid fashion, a movement that challenges traditional boundaries and blurs the lines between masculine and feminine aesthetics. The notion that clothing should be confined to strict gender binaries is rapidly fading, making way for a more inclusive and expressive approach to style. This shift is not just about clothing; it's a cultural movement that empowers people to express their identity freely and without constraint. The runway is evolving into a space where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated, with designers crafting collections that speak to a broad spectrum of identities."

"In the year ahead, expect to see a surge in gender-neutral silhouettes, fabrics, and colour palettes that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Designers are championing inclusivity, ensuring that their creations resonate with everyone, regardless of gender identity. The fashion landscape is becoming a canvas for self-expression, where individuals can curate their own narrative without conforming to societal expectations. It is inspiring to witness the industry's collective journey towards a more inclusive future," says Shivanii.

"The runway is no longer a battleground for gender norms; instead, it's a space for creativity, self-expression, and celebration of the diverse identities that make up our world. In 2024, genderfluid fashion isn't just a trend; it's a powerful statement about embracing individuality and rewriting the rules of style for a more liberated and inclusive society," Shivanii concluded.

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