5 ways to support your thyroid daily

Published on Sep 02, 2022 08:30 PM IST

It is important to take care of your thyroid in a holistic way. Check out five ways to support your thyroid on a daily basis.

5 ways to support your thyroid daily(istockphoto)
5 ways to support your thyroid daily(istockphoto)

The butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that aids in controlling metabolism and body temperature probably escapes your attention if you don't have a thyroid issue. Thyroid problems, however, are rather typical. Throughout her lifetime, one in eight women will experience thyroid disease. Your gland may become misaligned as a result of an autoimmune condition, but stress and dietary habits are also known to be contributing factors. Constipation, weight gain, and excessive exhaustion are all symptoms of thyroid disease, along with rapid weight loss, an extremely quick heartbeat, and anxiety. However, by incorporating a few daily habits into your routine you can support thyroid function. (Also read: Thyroid: Types of disorders due to an imbalance in thyroid hormones, risk factors, symptoms, a protocol for testing )

Jama Lee, Menstrual Cycle Coach, suggested five ways by which you can daily support your thyroid on her Instagram page.

1. Create a daily routine

We are creatures of routine, just like babies and our body (and thyroid) can thrive on a healthy daily routine.

2. Heal your gut

Begin with removing gut-harming elements, introducing a probiotic, slowing down our eating and adding in gut-loving foods.

3. Get a good night's sleep

It is important to follow a healthy sleep routine. Stop scrolling your phone at night and go to bed early. Fix the alarm every night so that will be there to remind you to take quiet time.

4. Cut out inflammatory foods

Start by eliminating things like gluten, dairy, soy and processed foods. Also, avoid taking refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pastries.

5. Balance the mind

Incorporate meditation, reduce stress, exercise and find a supportive environment to quiet the mind. A quick walk for 5 minutes counts as 5 minutes of cardiovascular exercise that can help you relax. Endorphins are molecules that make you feel good and can aid with mood, focus, and sleep improvement.

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