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Sedentary lifestyle? Rujuta Diwekar on easy ways to sit less and move more

By, New Delhi
Mar 29, 2023 10:59 AM IST

From 100 steps after dinner to taking stairs, Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests effective ways to get moving.

We all know the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle on our health, yet when it comes to adding more activity in our lives, we tend to struggle, sometimes due to paucity of time and other times because of not being aware of effective ways to move our body. Emphasising that movement is extremely important for long-term health, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to explain easy ways to move more and sit less. The wellness expert in her recent Insta video said that sedentary lifestyle can offset benefits of eating, exercising and sleeping well and puts one at risk of several health issues and movement is essential for our overall well-being. (Also read: 5 exercises to improve heart health if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle)

Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to explain easy ways to move more and sit less.(Pixabay)

Quoting a study conducted in 90s by an English scientist which studies bus conductors and bus drivers in London, Diwekar said that the researcher looked at these two people and realised when he studied them in detail that the bus drivers were way more prone to heart attack and strokes as compared to bus conductors who seemed to lead a much healthier life compared to bus drivers - they were healthier, happier and fitter. She said that they both were men and were almost the same age and had the same job, working conditions and social class, but the main difference was that the driver was predominantly sitting, while bus conductor was predominantly walking around.

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Diwekar says that no matter how well we eat, exercise or sleep, if we aren't moving during the day and sitting constantly, we may suffer from poor health.


Diwekar suggests some easy ways to move more and sit less:

1. For every 30 minutes of sitting, stand at least for 3 minutes. If you have a desk job and continuously sit for 8-9 hours, you must mindfully take a short break every half-n-hour and use this time to do an activity while standing.

2. When you stand, stand with your weight well distributed on your two feet. Many people stand with support of a wall or put weight on one of the legs. Posture is important and standing is more beneficial when done in the right way.

3. Take the stairs at work or home, every day. At least climb 4 floors up every day. This healthy habit can be made part of your daily routine as this will automatically add more steps.

4. Park your car as far as possible, keep at least 500 steps between your car and your destination.

5. Once every week, walk around your neighbourhood or walk your child to school/park/friend’s house/ restaurant, etc. Walking is good not just as an activity, but also at building strong community bonds and for the environment.

6. Once every week, do at least one task that is currently being done by house help or gadget - wash your own clothes, do dishes for the entire household, sweep and swab your house.

7. If you are a man, cook a meal and/or clean up after the family has eaten at least once a week. You can make just dal rice or khichdi but building a nurturing environment is crucial for good health too.

8. 100 steps or shatapavli after dinner.

"You may not realise the importance of movement and activity, but it keeps the brain plasticity, especially in older adults, helps prevent back pain, diabetes, heart disease and even depression. Move now, leave sitting for the lesser and later. And remember, activity is different from exercise, and is not a substitute," concludes Diwekar.

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