Soaked almonds: 8 delicious ways to add the wonderful nuts to your diet

Published on Nov 03, 2022 04:23 PM IST

Soaked almonds are tastier and healthier than raw ones. Here are some delicious ways to add them to your diet.

Soaked almonds help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.(Pinterest)
Soaked almonds help boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.(Pinterest)
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Soaked almonds are healthier as compared to their raw form as they are easier to digest and nutrients are absorbed better after phytic acids and tannins are removed from them. This means you get more benefit from all the antioxidants, fibre, protein etc present in almonds. When we soak almonds, it releases few enzymes like lipase which helps boost metabolism and also aid in weight loss. Soaked almonds can also be eaten by elderly easily as they are softer to chew and digest. (Also read: Why we should eat almonds after soaking and removing peel)

Eating nuts like almonds and walnuts can help enhance your cardiac health, reducing risk of heart attack and stroke. Almonds can also help control your blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. Almonds are an amazing source of fibre, proteins, Vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, copper, among other nutrients.

If you too are eating or want to eat soaked almonds, then here are some delicious ways to add them to your diet.

Arooshi Garg, Lifestyle Expert and Nutritionist, GOQii suggests 8 ways to eat soaked almonds.

1. Add in porridge: Soaked almonds can be chopped and added on top of oats porridge or even added with milk muesli/cornflakes for an added crunch and nutrients.

2. Add in halwa: Almonds can be soaked and peeled. Make a puree of soaked almonds with little cold milk and add in suji, atta or rice halwa to get a nice nutty flavour and extra dose of vitamins.

3. Make almond milk: The traditional ‘Badam’ milk can be made by blending a handful of soaked almonds with cold milk, jaggery. Cardamom and Black pepper can be added to enhance the flavour. It can be drunk warm or can be chilled and garnished with chopped nuts.

4. Add in gravies: Instead of using heavy creams or cornflour, soaked almond puree can be added to any vegetable gravy to enhance the flavour and nutritive content to get a creamy and delicious recipe.

5. Dehydrate to make almond powder: Soaked almonds can be peeled and then dried to make almond powder at home. This powder can be used in milk, cake mixes, cookie dough to enhance the taste and nutrition of common recipes.

6. Fruit smoothies: Soaked almonds can be added in any fruit smoothie like banana date smoothies, mango shake, rose almond shake to get a velvety texture without the use of any creams.

7. Thandai: Traditional Indian milk-based cooler called thandai contains soaked almonds, cashews and pistachios blended together with poppy seeds, dried rose petals and milk. This drink is extremely healthy and has cooling properties. This is widely made during the summer season.

8. Pasta Sauce: Pine nuts can be replaced by soaked almonds to whip up a healthy pesto pasta sauce.

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