What is Presenteeism? How can it be avoided?

ByTapatrisha Das, Delhi
May 29, 2022 09:14 AM IST

From speaking of the relevant reasons of the sense of Presenteeism to therapy and the benefits which can help in curbing it, Indroneil Mukerjee addressed the issue of staying back in the workplace after work hours.

Presenteeism is the toxic trait of being present at the workplace more than it is required. It traces the habit of people of reporting to work despite being sick or staying back in the office, virtually or physically beyond the work hours. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Indroneil Mukerjee, Bach Flower therapist and Psychotherapist said, "Presenteeism has been there for several decades. However, it’s only now that the corporates have woken up to pay heed to detrimental impact of this behavior on employee wellness and morale, productivity and quality of output. Presenteeism can not only be avoided but gradually eradicated from workplace. Besides bringing in strict policies, preventing the behavior of presenteeism, this rather difficult to change habit can be healed easily with Bach Flower therapy by diagnosing the deep-seated emotional causes that lead to one behave in this manner."

What is Presenteeism? How can it be avoided?(Unsplash)
What is Presenteeism? How can it be avoided?(Unsplash)

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Indroneil Mukerjee further noted down the possible reasons of Presenteeism. They are:

Job insecurity

Tendency to please the managers / seniors

The need of drawing attention and seeking appreciation

A misplaced sense of duty which does not allow one to relax, even during illness

The deep sense of self-righteousness, leading to self-denial and rigidity

A sense of low self-worth leading to the need to prove and feel relevant through work by overworking

Feeling guilty for not working hard enough and yet earning salary

However, Presenteeism can be avoided with therapy. Speaking of Back Flower therapy as an alternate choice for eradicating the sense of Presenteeism, Indroneil Mukerjee said, " Bach Flower therapy stands out from all other alternative therapies, especially in healing and preventing such emotional and behavioral disorders." He further added the benefits of the therapy; they are:

This therapy is devoid of the usage of any kind of chemicals. Hence, they are gentle, safe and without any side effect.

Bach flower therapy demands very minimal investment of time and effort.

As no material or individual are involved in the healing process, hence contamination is absent.

This therapy is sustainable, and can be slowly made as a way of life.

This therapy helps in preventing mental, emotional and even physical illnesses.

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