Makai Dhokla(Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Instagram)
Makai Dhokla(Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Instagram)

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Makai Dhokla is perfect for healthy tea-time snacking

  • Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shared, "Makai Dhokla - A healthy and savoury Gujarati snack that can be made instantly but with a twist of corn."
By | Written by Alfea Jamal, Hindustan Times, Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 08, 2021 05:05 PM IST

Dhokla is a popular Gujarati snack that can be eaten as a snack, meal or accompaniment with your tea or coffee in the afternoon. This light and fluffy treat is usually made with gram flour, a nice tadka of mustard, curry leaves and a few spices. However, celebrated chef Sanjeev Kapoor has an interesting twist to this everyday snack to make it healthier and more texture.

Taking to his Instagram, the chef shared the method writing in the caption, "Makai Dhokla - A healthy and savoury Gujarati snack that can be made instantly but with a twist of corn. Corn dalia enhances the taste as well as the texture of this dhokla!"

Check out Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's healthy twist on the traditional Gujarati snack. Read on:

Ingredients for Makai Dhokla Recipe:

Sweet corn kernels (makai), boiled 1 cup

Semolina (rawa/suji) 1 cup

Yogurt 1/2 cup

Turmeric powder a pinch

Salt to taste

Oil 1 tablespoon + for brushing

Mustard seeds 1 teaspoon

Green chillies , finely chopped 2

Curry leaves , chopped 1 tablespoon + for garnish

Fruit salt 1/2 teaspoon

Green chutney to serve


Step 1:

Take fresh corn kernels in a mixer jar and grind till it makes a thick and coarse paste.

Step 2:

As the dhokla is made in a steam, make sure to heat enough water in the lower section of a steamer.

Step 3:

In a mixing bowl take some semolina, to this add the corn paste and yogurt, mix well till all ingredients are combined, keep adding water to make a smooth and thick batter. Add turmeric powder and salt, mix well.

Step 4:

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a non-stick tempering pan, add mustard seeds, green chillies and curry leaves and sauté for a few seconds. Add this to the batter and mix well. Add fruit salt and mix well.

Step 5:

Taking the mould of your choice, brush them with oil and pour some batter into each of them. Place the moulds in the steamer and steam for 5-7 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside to cool slightly.

Step 6:

Demould and arrange the dhokla on a serving platter, garnish with curry leaves and serve immediately with green chutney. Enjoy with tea or as a snack on its own with your loved ones.

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