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Types of emotionally immature people and how to deal with them

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Dec 08, 2023 09:40 AM IST

From the personaliser to the provoker, here are a few types of emotionally immature people that we should deal with effectively.

Often, we are confronted with emotionally immature people. Not knowing their emotional maturity level and tricks to deal with them can provoke our behaviour patterns. Sometimes the way they behave, respond and react to us can be very frustrating – this can further ruin our emotional and mental health. "Understanding the emotional maturity of the people in your life will empower you to deal with them in healthy ways. Save this one. Stay empowered— take deep breaths. Confidence comes when you are in full control of how you respond," wrote Psychologist Nicole LePera. The Therapist further noted down the types of emotionally immature people that we see around us and how we can deal with them.

Types of emotionally immature people and how to deal with them(Unsplash)
Types of emotionally immature people and how to deal with them(Unsplash)

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The provoker: These types of emotionally immature people are used to chaos and conflicts. They constantly try to push the buttons of others to check how to make them provoked. They need drama and chaos constantly and can be very difficult to be around with. This can be an emotional bait to fall for – however, the trick is to not respond or engage with a provoker at all. We should stay away from such people and not fall for their bait and respond.

The blame projector: They are constantly trying to put the blame, or the responsibility assigned to them, on someone else. They also constantly keep asking for money and favours, without making any effort of their own. The best way to respond to them is to let them know that they should be able to handle whatever life throws at them. We should keep our responses short and crisp with them.

The personaliser: These people are highly anxious all the time and question their own abilities. They take everything personally and keep seeking reassurance from others for their insecurities. We should listen to them intently and try not to over-explain anything to them.

The life of the party: They are fun to be around and are very impulsive in nature. However, they do not take responsibilities seriously and can understand the impact of their actions on the lives of others. We should let them face the results of their own actions and not enable them.

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