Shenaz Treasury, travel influencer talks about travelling solo and keeping yourself safe. (Shenaz)
Shenaz Treasury, travel influencer talks about travelling solo and keeping yourself safe. (Shenaz)

On an exploration: Finding solace in solo travel

Individuals travelling all by themselves can overcome challenges and make their trip all the more memorable by following right tips
By Prerna Gauba
UPDATED ON FEB 13, 2021 10:57 AM IST

It was life changing – is how most travellers, who have been on a solo trip, define their experience. The fact that during a solo trip, you can do exactly what you want to – it has often led to experiences and memories, which many find closest to their hearts.

“Solo travel has helped me grow so much as a person! I’ve travelled all over the world by myself. And I’m so confident because of that. I feel free. It has pushed me to learn new skills, talk to strangers. It has taught me to deal with loneliness. I’ve a strong bond with myself now and it makes me feel alive and in control,” says Shenaz Treasury, travel influencer.

Many believe it to be the best way of travelling and also helps one attain peace of mind. “It is like a sweet challenge and when everything turns out well, it has a very enriching and exhilarating impact on mental health. Even if things don’t turn out as per plan, you come back more experienced,” says author and avid traveller Manjulika Pramod.

However, a good solo trip requires proper planning. The priority, experts suggest, has to be on staying safe and checking everything beforehand. “India is not safe for solo female travellers and this is the bitter truth. I’ve been followed and chased. So you have to stay somewhere safe. Eyes at the back of the head at all times when alone,” recommends Treasury. So, as you plan to pack your bags and hit the road, here are some expert tips that’ll help you make the most out of this all-by-yourself trip.

The right equipments Solo travel gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. And in such trips you’re your own guide, companion and photographer. So don’t miss on any equipment that you might need. Make sure to have a selfie stick to capture all memories. Research a bit and download location specific taxi apps, food apps, language translators and other crucial applications.

Stay at hostels A great way to meet more people is by staying at hostels. They are safe and give you a chance to communicate with people from different places and countries. A hostel stay has lately become most recommended form of accommodation by avid travellers. It not only helps you make new friends but also adds to your overall travel experience.

Enjoy a meal all by yourself Sometimes it is best to stay alone and relish your own company. Go to local hotels, cafes and enjoy the regional delicacies all by yourself. Choose cafes with a view to enjoy the place and food both.

Interact and ExploreBeing on a solo-trip doesn’t mean staying alone all the time. You can always make friends or interact with other travellers, that you meet on the streets. Also while travelling solo, you can opt to be part of small group tours for sightseeing. It helps you connect with like-minded individuals, while exploring the history or diversity of your preferred destination. Try and talk to locals to get to know the culture and place better.

Write a travel journal A travel journal can be your most treasured souvenir from a trip. When you travel solo, your journal is a friend. Document your trip and your thoughts and put it all down on a paper or digitally, so that anytime in future you can just turn those pages and once again relive these memories. You can also collect and include pictures or postcards, as part of your journal.

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