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Add a minty freshness to your dishes with these recipes

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Sep 25, 2015 23:04 IST
Meenakshi Iyer
Meenakshi Iyer
Hindustan Times
Gobi Pudina, prepared by Himanshu Taneja, executive chef, JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu(Pratham Gokhale/HT photo)

Thanks to a potent mix of nutrition and taste, mint leaves have the ability to add a new dimension to any dish. Its heady aroma and numerous health benefits have ensured that cultures across Asia use mint in their cuisines.

Gobi Pudina

Recipe by: Himanshu Taneja, executive chef, JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Serves: Two


* Cauliflower florets: 100g

* Broccoli: 50g

* Refined oil: for frying

* Cumin: ½ tsp

* Ginger (chopped): 1 tsp

* Green chillies (chopped): ½ tsp

* Garlic (chopped): 1 tsp

* Onions (chopped): 1 cup

* Tomato (chopped): ½ cup

* Mint (chopped): 2 tbsp

* Degi chilli powder: ½ tsp

* Coriander powder: ½ tsp

* Turmeric: ½ tsp

* Ghee: 2 tbsp

* Dried mango powder: ½ tsp

* Salt: to taste

Executive chef Himanshu Taneja prepares Gobi Pudina at JW Marriott in Mumbai. (Pratham Gokhale/HT)


* Wash the cauliflower florets and deep fry them till they turn golden brown. Keep them aside.

* In a pan, add ghee and follow it up with cumin, garlic, ginger and chillies.

* Add onions and fry till they turn golden.

* Add coriander powder, degi chilli powder and turmeric.

* Once all the spices are sautéed, add tomatoes.

* Add fried cauliflower and broccoli.

* Add tomato cubes, pudina and dried mango powder.

* Once tossed properly, garnish with mint leaves and serve hot

Winning reader recipe: Minty Pattice

Recipe by: Reshma Ashar

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Serves: Three

Minty Pattice


* For the covering:

* Boiled potatoes: 5

* Arrowroot flour: 5 tbsp

* Oil: for shallow frying

* For the stuffing:

* Mint leaves (finely chopped): 1 cup

* Fresh grated coconut: 1 cup

* Roasted peanuts (grounded): 1 cup

* Lemon: 1

* Green chillies: 2

* Ginger: 1 small piece

* Sugar: 1 tbsp

* Chilli powder: 1 tsp

* Salt: to taste


* Pressure cook potatoes up to four whistles. Peel and mash them properly.

* Add two tbsp arrowroot flour and salt to taste, to the mashed potatoes. Roll this mixture out into balls.

* Mix grated coconut and peanut powder well in a bowl. Make a fine paste by grinding green chillies, ginger and lemon juice, and add in the bowl. Combine all the ingredients by adding sugar, salt, chilli powder and chopped mint leaves.

* Gently flatten the potato balls with your palm. Place a spoonful of the mixture on it.

* Now, cover it from all the sides ensuring there are no cracks. Form them into a patty or an oval shape. Rub some arrowroot flour if the patty sticks to your palm.

* Repeat the same with the rest of the balls.

* Spread some arrowroot flour and cover the pattice from all the sides.

* Place oil in a shallow pan. Once the oil is hot, fry the pattice until golden brown. Place them over an absorbent napkin to remove excess oil.

* Serve hot with mint chutney.

(The writer tweets as @CultureCola)

First Published: Sep 25, 2015 22:18 IST