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If Anna Hazare has decided to float a political party and fight the 2014 general elections, he can no longer be called a social activist and a Gandhian

mumbai Updated: Aug 06, 2012 01:33 IST
Hindustan Times

Debating Team Anna's political turn
If Anna Hazare has decided to float a political party and fight the 2014 general elections, he can no longer be called a social activist and a Gandhian. Hazare and his team, whose mission was to fight corruption and bring a strong Lokpal bill, have betrayed the faith of millions who stood behind them in crisis (Anna to float party, ready for Polls 2014, August 4). They have surrendered their principals and prestige to join the rat race. They have been opportunistic and have misled the nation and its people for their selfish gain. They are entering the very corrupt and dirty system that they tried to bring down. Hazare must end this political stunt and carry on with his mission of fighting corruption from outside.— Bhagwan Thadani

I welcome Team Anna’s decision to enter the political fray and contest elections. Their claim, that they have the wholehearted support of citizens, will be put to test during the general elections. It is imperative that people from all walks of life, including those who are familiar
with policy formation, be allowed to join their party. If they don’t bring in such people, it will be difficult for Team Anna to survive in the world of politics.
— Ketan R Meher
It is good to hear of Anna Hazare's decision to float a political party, but in the same breath, he said that he will not contest elections but just guide the team. This, I feel, is irresponsible. The practice of wielding power without responsibility has continued in Indian politics since time immemorial. The Parliament is not a puppet show. Nobody should be allowed to pull the strings without claiming accountability. Anna must contest the elections, hold an appropriate position and take Constitutional decisions.
— VP Joshi

Three medal for India and the hope for some more
Saina Nehwal has become the first Indian to win an Olympic medal in badminton (Saina’s bronze. China collapses, August 5). Even though luck was on her side, and her Chinese opponent quit the match owing to a knee injury, Saina’s painstaking hard work is undeniable. The win is a milestone in Indian sporting history. Saina’s success is not just a reflection of the sporting talent in the country but also a reminder that such talent need support and encouragement. As citizens, we need to change our negative attitude towards sports. Indian Olympic participants are in need of encouragement and financial assistance, not scepticism. The government also needs to mobilise funds and create facilities to nurture sporting talent. When our sportspersons leave for events such as the Olympics, they need our encouragement and support. This will help them face the pressure of such grand competitions.— P Senthil Saravana Durai

In the 2012 Olympics, shooting has emerged as a silver lining for India. After Gagan Narang, Subedar Vijay Kumar has done our country proud by winning the silver medal. Calm and composed, he was the dark horse in the competition and was not considered a medal prospect even by the media. However, he performed with grace and accuracy and won glory for our nation. Saina Nehwal has also made every Indian proud, winning the country its first Olympic medal in badminton. With three medals already in our bag and with our sportspersons gunning for more, the London Olympics could see the country’s best performance so far.— SN Kabra

First Published: Aug 06, 2012 01:31 IST