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Insure the inner-self

We always insure our cars, our homes and our health by taking up policies and paying regular premiums. Meera Prasad reports.

mumbai Updated: Dec 17, 2010 03:10 IST
Meera Prasad
Meera Prasad
Hindustan Times

We always insure our cars, our homes and our health by taking up policies and paying regular premiums.

But when we come across an accident that stirs, shakes and hurts us deeper than what do we have to fall back upon?

Yesterday, a friend met me completely shaken by the loss of a young nephew, and pained by the trauma that the parents must be undergoing.

The child had succumbed to a viral suddenly turning into a fatal pneumonia, while the father was out of station, traveling for work.

Even though I tried to console her, I found myself a bit jittery. The situation doesn't seem very alien, except for the final disaster. We all are used to our kids coming back home with sudden virals, breathless, needing emergency treat-ments.

Life can hit us anytime, anywhere.

There is no bigger fear in life than for your kids who define your whole meaning to be, your physical mental and spiritual existence.

We tell our kids that people go to God's home when they die and that we should try to be good, do good, that there is God, the supreme soul who is watching us.

But do we really believe in it. As grown-ups, we have accumulated skills, wealth, gadgets and friends to last us perhaps more than one lifetime, but we never empowered ourselves for the most unexpected, devastating yet inevitable event.

We never stopped and even tried to develop deeper until we were really faced and had to forcibly deal with it.

It is also crucial for us to visit our inner-self more often, to exist and understand life at deeper levels.

It is not that will come in one day. Just like the regular premiums we are required to pay, we need to look within regularly, much before something hits us in our faces.

This is the only treasure that grows with use, is infectious, can be shared and lasts even when we are no more.

First Published: Dec 17, 2010 03:08 IST