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It is more fun when you DIY

On January 28, take charge of the day and make your own entertainment. Reetika Subramanian gives you a do-it-yourself guide

mumbai Updated: Jan 21, 2012 01:22 IST
Reetika Subramanian
Reetika Subramanian
Hindustan Times

Make a home video

An idea, a camera, a few friends and Youtube is all you need to channel your inner Steven Spielberg.

On January 28, create your own exclusive home videos. “You would neither need a high-end camera nor have to invest a lot of money. Everybody has an idea and filming it on camera can be fun,” said Cyrus Dastur, founder of Shamiana, a short film club in the city.

“The only cost will be on the food you order during the shoot. Editing software is available online and the film can be shot in your house,”he added.

At first, you might have some uncut ends and haphazard camera angles, but you will soon get better. Kartik Sharma, 20, shot his first video in the confines of his room in 2009. “With my digital camera, I shot several pictures in my room, added a background score to create a stop motion video My Desktop,” said Sharma, who unexpectedly won several awards at college festivals that year for his video.

How to film your own home video?

*Come up with concepts that can be filmed. A corner in your living room, or even a parking lot in the basement can be an inspiration.
*Create a rough script with a list of roles, locations and dialogues.
* Get hold of a camera, which has a video filming option, and download editing software.
*Call some friends, who can play multiple roles: actor, assistant director, producer.
*Film the video and edit it on the computer.
*Once complete, upload it on Youtube and Facebook and be stormed with notifications.

Try your hand at karaoke

You may not be able to string three words into a rhythm, sing a melody without cracking your vocal chords.

However, on No TV Day, you can have a fun-soaked evening with your family by tuning your voice to the empty tracks being played in a home karaoke system without worrying about missing lyrics and going off-tune.

“Songs that are originally solo or duet compositions turn into chorus numbers when friends and family sing along at our karaoke gatherings. Since none of us are experienced singers, we do not feel embarrassed to sing along,” said Dr A Kumarswamy, a Chembur-based dental surgeon, who replaces the dental forceps with the karaoke microphone every weekend. “Instead of watching television, singing along with the karaoke system is a better option.

A karaoke night

All you need is a few friends, drinks, food and a karaoke system. A system costs about Rs 4,000. You also head to the karaoke pubs in the city. On January 28, the Soul Fry Casa Bar and Pub in Fort will organise a special No TV Day Karaoke night. It will include a great range of Latin music, rock and roll numbers and blues. To get discounts SMS SFC space <NAME> to 54242.

Go on a photo trail

Head out of your home with your cameras to capture little pockets of the city on celluloid. “The city has several spots that will make for great shots. From Victorian furniture and gramophones at Chor Bazaar to the beads and chunky jewellery at Colaba Causeway, street photography in Mumbai is a great experience,” said Mulchand Dedhia from Mumbai Weekend Shoots, a group of photo enthusiasts, who organise weekend shoots on the city’s streets. “The photographers only have to bring their camera along and shoot. The photos are then uploaded on the website, where everyone gets to praise or criticise the shots,” he added.

From the Dharavi slums to Dadar flower market, Mumbai offers a lot of variety in terms of photography.

Dhiraj Singh from Udaan School of Photography, who also has a trail organised on No TV Day, said, “You wouldn't even need a high-end camera to explore the beauty of the city. You only need to head out of your houses to click candid shots of people, things and architecture on the road.”

While clicking pictures in groups can help you let go of your inhibitions on the streets, many prefer going solo.

“I have got some of the best shots while travelling alone with my camera. Replacing your television remote with the camera is a great option," said Aparna Jayakumar, a city-based photographer. “People should choose areas as per their interests. From the pretty villages in Bandra to the wide lanes and buildings and Ballard Estate, people can capture some great shots," she added.

First Published: Jan 21, 2012 01:19 IST