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It took a tweet to open up IPL’s can of worms

There is nothing wrong with the Indian Premier League. Rather, something is terribly wrong with the way it has been managed.

mumbai Updated: Apr 25, 2010 01:33 IST

There is nothing wrong with the Indian Premier League. Rather, something is terribly wrong with the way it has been managed.
There should be a break from matches for a year to streamline things and clear up all the muck.
It is rather surprising that all it took was a tweet from Lalit Modi to wake every one up from their slumber.
What were the authorities doing during the last two IPL seasons?
Not a single question was raised since Lalit Modi started running the show on his own. In fact, he was the new hero of Indian cricket.
Now that a can of worms has been opened, everybody is gunning for him.
Ramesh Mahadevan

Professionals should manage the IPL
It looks like the IPL tournaments that were being played across India on fast-track pitches for the last three years were organised by a man who never considered how today would impact tomorrow.
However, I would not like the IPL to be disbanded.
Its charge should be given
to some good professionals, known for their honesty and integrity.
K.P. Rajan

Our politicians are overreacting, as usual
Overreacting to things is what our politicians love doing, especially when they see there is a possibility of gaining political mileage.
Since there is an income-tax inquiry on the IPL’s source of funds and how they have been utilised, the Opposition parties have already jumped to the conclusion that the IPL should be disbanded.
I fail to understand the connection between disbanding the IPL and the fault of perhaps a few people involved.
It is so easy for the politicians to make such sweeping statements about what they do
not like.

Disbanding is most sensible solution
Disbanding the IPL would be the most sensible thing to do, now that several skeletons have come of its cupboard.
The IPL was conjured up by the BCCI in 2007 with the intention of scuttling the Indian Cricket League that was floated at about the same time with Kapil Dev as its head.
It did succeed and brought crores into the game and a lot
of glamour.
But there is already a T20 World Cup in place with international teams and therefore this tedious IPL extravaganza needs to be dismantled.
V. Subramanyan

It seems like a
If Lalit Modi has committed any crime, he should certainly be punished. But along with him there will be, no doubt, a host of other bigwigs.
But if his is a case of witch hunting, the government will have to answer for that too.
M.R. Hosangady

Stringent laws
must be applied
The IPL has gained a lot of momentum since its inception. A lot of young cricketers have got a chance to step up and show their talent.
Just because of these controversies, we should not ban the IPL. We should introduce stringent laws and transparency into the system.
Diksha Raghani

This is all a
business of greed
The IPL should not be disbanded. It’s just another form of cricket that we watch. But, yes, the people who run it should not be given so much authority.
The fight between Modi and Tharoor has made an enjoyable game into a troublesome controversy. And this is wrong.
Pretty Kt Mirchandani

Modi spared no thought for students
IPL commissioner Lalit Modi deserves what is happening.
For the purpose of earning crores, he ignored the studies of school and college students while preparing the schedule for the matches.
Is he not aware that during April and May students have to appear for their exams?
Students are immature and are tempted to watch these matches, while ignoring their preparations for the exams.
This IPL circus is also anti-cricket and reduces the prestige of gems of cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly and Anil Kumble.

First Published: Apr 25, 2010 01:33 IST