The true spirit of Mumbai is being choked with every blast

Yet again, terrorists walked into our city, planted three bombs and vanished into thin air.

mumbai Updated: Jul 17, 2011 02:14 IST

Yet again, terrorists walked into our city, planted three bombs and vanished into thin air.

Unseen, they breached our national security. And yet again, the common man was the target. Can any one reason explain this endless, meaningless series of attacks? Why are we so unable to stop them?

Think of 9/11. There has not been a single terrorist attack in the US after that. Perhaps it is because their politicians are so much more accountable. Perhaps it is because the world saw the level their retaliation; their commitment to protect their people.

All our leaders do is “condemn the incident”, and then return to their slumber. A few renowned politicians even said all attacks cannot be stopped, “they will happen”. Terrorist attacks have become part of our daily routine. Every second day, people are killed in accidents, Naxal attacks, and minor crimes. And now, terror attacks have joined the bandwagon.
— Akshat Goyal

We need an iron man of a PM
Almost a week after three blasts shook the city and caused 18 deaths, we still have no idea who could be responsible. The state is helpless and there is no value for human life any more. Chidambaram is no taskmaster and the various incidents taking place all over the country show his lack of competence.

Every time, it's the same rants

Politicians must be tired of ranting the same old lines that citizens are fed up of hearing. I am sure that the leaders themselves are tired of parroting the same thoughts: 'we condemn the act', perpetrators will be punished', 'we request Mumbaiites to keep calm'.

There has to be a solution to end this helplessness. A candlelight vigil is not enough.
The state has been taking our silence for granted. And this time, Mumbai has really had enough. The three blasts on Wednesday at Kabutar Khana, Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar shows how little the Mumbai police has learnt from 26/11.
— Riddhi Mehta

In his tenure as a home minister, we have witnessed total unrest in the country. The current ministers are sticking to their seats without any performance. We need an iron man of a PM now.
— Jayanthy Subramaniam

Mumbai needs a real security system
Trusting the government and Mumbai police had lulled us into complacence. The bombs were planted strategically to wreak horrific damage, they were followed by agonising screams, panic and chaos. Yet, the next day, all was normal. The city is inured to terrorists. Our intelligence network and security system seem non-existent.
— Bhagwan Das

It’s not a good thing we are so unmoved
Mumbaiites were highly unmoved by the recent terror attacks. Our city was back on track the very next day. In fact, the city was unmoved even an hour after the attacks.
The spirit of Mumbai has finally accepted that it is empty inside. This, however, is not the correct reaction.
We have lost the faith.
— Nishit Dalal

We are no longer safe in our city
After the July 13 blasts, the one question on my mind is, how safe are we from yet another one? There is, as usual, the blame game with the CM stating the congress should have retained the home security position.
It is sad to see patrol boats to be used by the police to man the seas lying idle. The fuel has been rationed to 100 liters, which allows the boat to run for an hour only.

Crores of taxes contributed by Mumbaiites are being wasted. All the average Mumbaiite has is fear, anger, frustration, and loss of loved ones, nothing more.
If the businessmen who have stopped their trips to Mumbai post the blasts do not have the confidence of getting back to business, what is the state of an average Mumbaikar? We will have more people moving out due to fear of security and continuous threat to their lives.
— Ramesh Mahadevan

First Published: Jul 17, 2011 02:12 IST