Greater Noida residents to ‘adopt’ areas to ensure cleanliness

Greater Noida residents are taking up responsibility of specific areas to keep the city walls free from defacement by posters

noida Updated: Jul 16, 2017 23:54 IST
Hindustan Times
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Many signboards and direction boards in the city are covered with posters and banners.

In an initiative to clean up their surroundings and keep city walls free from defacement, residents of Greater Noida are taking the responsibility of particular localities and walls in commercial and residential areas.

The initiative was started by Active Citizens Team, a voluntary residents’ group in Greater Noida, which takes up different tasks for the betterment of the city. The team had started a campaign to remove posters in Greater Noida about a fortnight ago.

“We had started a poster removal drive in the commercial area of Alpha-1 sector earlier this month. The volunteers removed posters and banners that were defacing the walls. However, the bills and posters start surfacing again, within no time. So we had decided that residents would take the responsibility for their respective localities and keep them tidy with the help of volunteers,” Harendra Bhati, a member of Active Citizens Team, said.

“We had made several appeals to the Greater Noida authority, which is responsible for taking down illegal posters and banners in the city, but there has been no definitive action taken by the authority against defacers. Hence we decided to take up the task on their own,” he added.

Many signboards and direction boards are covered with posters and banners which make it difficult for commuters to locate addresses.

“We found posters even on the district magistrate’s residence board. The volunteers cleaned it on Saturday morning,” Bhati said.

Sunil Pradhan, a property dealer and a volunteer, said, “Defacement of city walls through posters is a major issue here. They keep recurring no matter how many times we clean them. So, it was decided that residents will adopt some areas and keep them clean. The volunteers can help them in their efforts.”

“Residents of Delta and Gamma sectors have requested that they be given the responsibility of keeping their respective localities clean,” said Bhati.

First Published: Jul 16, 2017 23:54 IST