The exponential rise in the number of vehicle purchases in the last two years has put a huge burden on the regional transport office, Pune.(HT PHOTO)
The exponential rise in the number of vehicle purchases in the last two years has put a huge burden on the regional transport office, Pune.(HT PHOTO)

Staff crunch at RTO, Pune affects output

Despite repeated letters to state government at least 50% posts lie vacant.
Hindustan Times, Pune | By Parth Welankar
UPDATED ON JAN 21, 2019 02:43 PM IST

While the Pune regional transport office (RTO) is one of the top most revenue generating offices in the state, however, the Pune RTO office is suffering from severe staff crunch. According to the officials, the RTO is operating with less than 50 per cent staff occupancy and the posts of assistant regional transport officer, RTO inspector and deputy RTO inspector are lying vacant.

“The state government has to take a decision to recruit officers for the vacant posts. Despite repeated letters sent to the state government from the RTO office, the posts continue to remain vacant,” said Sanjay Raut, deputy RTO.

Raut said that the Pune RTO is facing a lot of problems due to staff crunch, adding that the situation is largely the same in all the RTOs in the state.

“It is not fair to fill the posts here by bringing in officers from other RTOs in the state. It will only be additional burden for them,” said Raut.

Raut also said that regular works of the RTO like issuance of permanent and learning licences, fitness test of cars, daily inspection and checking of vehicles are getting affected.

He said, “Pune has witnessed exponential rise in the number of vehicle purchase in the last two years which has put a huge burden on us. Our work, right from conducting the fitness test of existing vehicles to issuing the registration number for new vehicles are affected due to staff crunch.” 

“We are left with no option at times but to seek assistance from the officials of the Baramati and Solapur RTO offices”, said Raut. 

Physical checks before registration of commercial vehicles, a must

On January 18, S B Sahasrabudhe, additional transport commissioner issued a circular directing all the Regional Transport offices (RTO) In the state to resume the registration of commercial vehicles by psychically ensuring that the panic button and the tracking systems are installed.

Abiding to the circular, we have already begun this process from Saturday in the Pune RTO office, said Sanjay Raut, deputy RTO officer.

He added, “A national vehicle tracking portal to enable all the RTOs to check compliance and issue certificates has been developed with the help of BSNL. However, the portal often suffers technical glitches which affects the pace of the registration of the commercial vehicles.”

According to Raut, it was this delay which compelled the state transport department to allow all the RTOs across the state to continue with the registration of these commercial vehicles by physically ensuring compliance.

In October 2018, the Union ministry of road, transport and highways had made it mandatory for vehicles to have a tracking system and emergency button to ensure the passenger safety and compliance with road safety measures.

Due to this technical glitch, registration of commercial vehicles were stalled in the Pune RTO, said a senior official requesting anonymity.

On day one (Saturday) we have registered at least 35 taxis and five buses, added the official.


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