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5 ways to get them to break-up with you

If you want to break-up with someone, the easiest (and the safest) way, is to tell him or her, straight up and then wait. If patience is not one of your virtues, and want to be single again fast, here's help.

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 20, 2014 17:54 IST
Sanya Panwar
Sanya Panwar
Hindustan Times

If you want to break-up with someone, the easiest (and the safest) way, is to tell him or her, straight up.

If, however, you want to lose him/her in a matter of days, without going through the break-up talk, or you worry about being seen as a failure for ending things, or worse, you fear your partner will not accept your decision or beg you to take him/her back, take a breather.

Here are some sure-shot, wacky (and not-so-wacky) ways to break up with him/her, without hurting his/her feelings. Well almost, because, with these tips, you can actually get him/her to break up with you! Just what you wanted, isn't it?


1 Freak him/her out on social media
Assault all his/her social media accounts - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+. Just know your goal - you have to prove your serious stalker tendencies. Here's how - start liking every post; comment on these posts with a plethora of emoticons; comments should be on these lines: 'OMG I love this <3'. Also, start randomly adding a bunch of his/her friends to your social media accounts. This is important. Better still create a YouTube video of your photos together with a One Direction song in the background. Now, start sharing this video and tag his/her friends.

2 Invade his/her laptop/ phone/ iPod
Grab his/her beloved gadget and delete all his/her favourite songs, playlists and photos. Then, add a bunch of tracks you know he/she'd find annoying. Create playlists with titles like 'Our songs', 'Songs that remind me of you'. Name the album, 'We were meant to be together <3'! He/she will get furious!

3 Don't carve out time for him/her, make plans with others
In a working relationship, people take out time for each other, because they like each other and enjoy spending time together. But your situation is different. So, always stay busy - work late, run lots of errands, hang out with co-workers, friends and family. Do anything and everything, but not with him/her.

4 Start a blog about your relationship and give all details
Start blogging every little thing about your relationship. Take it a step further and use his/her real name. Ouch! Write insane lovey-dovey poems, notes. Mail the url to all your friends and his. You have to live the blog; so, stay glued to your phone, tablet, laptop when with him/her and keep the live updates going. Trust us, this should work like fire and get him/her to cross his/her heart that he/she isn't seeing you again.

5 Flirt with others
This is something any man/woman will absolutely despise, for obvious reasons. This could escalate and cause some pretty heated exchange, so be careful. The trick is to flirt subtly, so you can deny it when he/she brings it up and say you were 'just being friendly'.