Of those little brats and monsters

Updated on Aug 22, 2013 11:32 AM IST

Deepa Gahlot on her experiences with different kinds of kids.

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None | ByDeepa Gahlot, Mumbai

Caught in a traffic jam one day, we were harangued by a beggar, who kept trying to shove a sleeping kid into the cab saying, "The child is hungry, give him food."

After trying to shoo away the woman for a while, my friend snapped, "You bring kids into the world, why do we have to feed them?" The beggar, who was too old to be the infant's mother, piously replied, "God sends children."

We just burst into helpless laughter, as the beggar gave up on us as useless people and flounced off.

Spanking Then, last week, having my peaceful dinner at a restaurant constantly interrupted by two unruly kids with piercing voices, playing hide-and-seek under tables, while their parents attacked their meals.

I thought, “Heck, what about peoplewhobringchildrenintotheworld and expect everybody to love, cherish and pamper them?” Even when the kids are hideously bratty, like those two in the restaurant..the harried waiters couldn'tdoanything,for fear of offending customers.

Other diners couldn't complain, for fear of being considered wet blankets resenting the kids' enjoyment. But anyone who has been similarly harassed, would sympathise - why do parents think that strangers should look on indulgently at their brats' awful behaviour and smile.

In reality, other diners must be wishing a good spanking on those kids. Everybody would have a horror story about kids from hell, and I wonder why so many parents are simply unable to discipline their kids, teach them basic manners and etiquette, or simply leave them at home.
Breeding a monster Like the kid, who would come with her box of crayons and colour our walls. The mother would admire the child's artistic temperament..the walls in her house were perfectly clean. Or the tyke who would pull every plug, tamper with every knob, tear every bit of paper, throw down every object he could lift, loudly demand chocolate and cola while the parents looked on proudly and exclaimed, "So naughty he is, no?

I can bet everyone, at some time or other, must have had a talented kid inflicted on him or her..who could do an Amitabh Bachchan impersonation or perform the latest film hit in an off-key voice complete with pelvic thrusts.

We see a larger manifestation of this on those horrid television dance shows for children. Since kids are almost raised in front of the television these days, they speak like miniature adults and say things the meanings of which they couldn't (or shouldn't) possibly know at age three.

And if they do know, their parents should start worrying that they have bred a monster! Some of these little darlings give the words, ‘spoilt’ and ‘precocious’ a new meaning. And you thought, Dennis the Menace was cute?

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