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10 best smartwatches under 1000: Affordable smart wearables, top picks

Dec 14, 2023 04:48 PM IST

Discover the 10 best budget-friendly smartwatches under ₹1000 with advanced features in our curated list of affordable smart wearables.

Smartwatches have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with technology. Gone are the days when watches simply told time; today's smartwatches have seamlessly merged fashion with functionality, becoming indispensable companions for individuals navigating the fast-paced digital landscape. In this tech-savvy era, one intriguing segment has caught the attention of budget-conscious consumers: the smartwatch under 1000 segment. This category is redefining affordability in the world of wearables, offering a gateway for those who crave the benefits of modern technology without stretching their budget.

10 best smartwatches under <span class='webrupee'>₹</span>1000: These models ensure tech-savvy enthusiasts can enjoy cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank.(Unsplash)
10 best smartwatches under 1000: These models ensure tech-savvy enthusiasts can enjoy cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank.(Unsplash)

As the demand for smartwatches continues to soar, the under 1000 price range has emerged as a hotbed for innovation, presenting an array of feature-rich options that cater to diverse preferences. These smart wearables have become more than just wrist adornments; they are functional extensions of our connected lives, offering a spectrum of capabilities beyond mere timekeeping. In this exploration of the market, we delve into the 10 most affordable smartwatches, dissecting their features and designs to unveil the perfect blend of style and utility.

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Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to track your workouts or someone seeking the convenience of receiving notifications on the go, these budget-friendly smartwatches have something for everyone. From sleek designs to advanced functionalities, they prove that you don't need to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of a smart wearable.

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1. pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch

pTron Reflect Pro Smartwatch is a feature-packed marvel that combines affordability with cutting-edge technology. The full-touch 1.85" TFT display with 240*286px resolution delivers crystal-clear visuals, complemented by a vibrant 600 NITS bright display. Crafted with a sleek metal frame and a digital working crown, this smartwatch boasts a dedicated orange side key, putting your most essential function just a touch away. Stay connected effortlessly with Bluetooth calling and revel in up to 5 days of battery life (usage-dependent) powered by Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The pTron Fit+ app ensures seamless compatibility, providing access to 8 active sports modes, health and fitness trackers, real-time heart rate, SpO2, blood pressure checks, sleep monitoring, and more. Affordable luxury extends to the quick 3-hour wireless charging, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the features than waiting. This smartwatch, compatible with Android 8.0 & above and iOS 9.1 & above, offers a standout blend of style smartwatch under 1000 - truly epitomizing the category of cheap smartwatches. Note that while it provides health insights, this smartwatch is not a medical device, and readings should not be used for self-treatment. The box includes 1 x smartwatch, 1 x charging cable, and 1 x user guide card.

Specifications of pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro Smartwatch:

Brand: pTron

Model Name: Reflect

Style: Reflect Pro

Colour: Gold/Silver

Screen Size: 1.85 Inches

Customizable Watch FacesUsage-Dependent Battery
Quick Wireless Charging 

2. pTron Newly Launched Reflect Callz Smartwatch

pTron Reflect Callz Smartwatch is a groundbreaking device that seamlessly combines functionality and affordability. The full-touch 1.85" TFT HD display with 240*286px resolution, featuring a brilliant 600 NITS bright display, ensures a clear and vibrant view. The digital working crown enhances navigation, making interactions swift and intuitive. Stay connected on the go with Bluetooth calls, and revel in up to 5 days of battery life, tailored to your usage. Wear your force with 8 active sports modes and comprehensive health/fitness trackers, including real-time heart rate, SpO2, blood pressure checks, and sleep monitoring. Enjoy the added convenience of a built-in mic and loudspeaker, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and a swift 3-hour magnetic charging time. The Reflect Callz comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. Note that, while it offers valuable health insights, this smartwatch is not a medical device. The box includes 1 x smartwatch, 1 x charging cable, and 1 x user guide card, making it a smartwatch under 1000 that delivers on style, functionality, and value.

Specifications of pTron Newly Launched Reflect Callz Smartwatch:

Brand: pTron

Model Name: Reflect

Style: Reflect Callz

Colour: Pastel Pink

Screen Size: 1.85 Inches

Vibrant 1.85" HD DisplayUsage-Dependent Battery Life
Smart Dual Screens 

3. Bouncefit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch

Bouncefit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch is your affordable partner in health and connectivity. With all-day activity tracking, this budget-friendly smartwatch monitors steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes, offering a comprehensive overview on its OLED display or the Fitpro APP. Stay connected effortlessly with call notifications and messages displayed on your wrist, including SMS and social media alerts for Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. The Quick Charge feature ensures a day's backup with just 20 minutes of charging, and the single-touch interface provides easy navigation. Sync seamlessly with the Fitpro app for personalized settings, including time adjustment. This Smartwatch Under 1000 is more than a fitness tracker - it's your gateway to smart notifications, ensuring you never miss important calls or messages.

Specifications of Bouncefit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch:

Brand: Bouncefit

ModelName: VD20 (1)

Style: Casual

Colour: Pink

Screen Size: 1.2 Inches

Quick 20-Minute ChargingLimited App Compatibility
Single-Touch Interface 

4. TAYDAM M1 Smartwatch

TAYDAM M1 Smartwatch is an affordable marvel that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Its vibrant touchscreen display ensures an intuitive and responsive experience, allowing easy navigation through features. With Bluetooth connectivity, stay connected effortlessly, receiving notifications, calls, and messages directly on your wrist. This budget-friendly smartwatch is affordable wearable tech eliminates the need to constantly reach for your phone, keeping you in the loop seamlessly. The sleek design adds a touch of sophistication, making it a stylish companion for any occasion. Priced sensibly, this smartwatch under 1000 delivers essential features without compromising on quality. Whether you're on the move or staying active, the TAYDAM M1 Smartwatch is your accessible and reliable tech companion, combining affordability and functionality effortlessly. Elevate your connectivity with this sleek and affordable wearable marvel.

Specifications of TAYDAM M1 Smartwatch:


Model Name: Mi Smartwatch

Style: Modern

Colour: Pink

Special Feature: Distance Tracker, Calorie Tracker

Seamless Bluetooth ConnectivityBluetooth Dependency
Responsive Touch Interface 

5. MARVIK Smart Watch

MARVIK Smart Watch is in the category of low-cost smartwatches that maximize functionality without breaking the bank. Stay connected seamlessly with call, calendar, and message notifications, ensuring you never miss important updates from Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This smartwatch under 1000 boasts all-day activity tracking, monitoring steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes via its vibrant OLED display or the dedicated app. Waterproof and equipped with Bluetooth and a heart rate sensor, this smart fitness watch is your ultimate companion for comprehensive health tracking. It features activity recording, sleep monitoring, calorie counting, and call notifications, making it a versatile device for your daily needs. The built-in USB port offers convenient charging compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Please note that the charger is not included, and for any concerns, contact us through the FIT PRO app.

Specifications of MARVIK Smart Watch:


Model Name: Smart Watch

Style: Casual

Colour: Black

Screen Size: 2 Centimeters

Comprehensive Health TrackingUSB Charging Requires Care
Call and Message Notifications 

6. i9 Ultra Max T900 Smart Watch

Experience the pinnacle of affordable smart wearables with the i9 Ultra Max T900 Smart Watch, a feature-rich marvel designed for the modern lifestyle. Boasting a massive 2.19" IPS display, the largest and brightest in its class, this smartwatch under 1000 ensures clear visibility with its always-on function, even in direct sunlight. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth calling with Active 2.0, featuring a high-quality speaker and microphone for crystal-clear conversations. Track your health comprehensively with blood oxygen, pressure, heart rate, and temperature monitoring, coupled with features like breath training, drink water reminder, and menstrual cycle tracking. This inexpensive smart wearable also brings entertainment to your wrist with four in-built games. Embrace wireless charging for a hassle-free power-up.

Specifications of i9 Ultra Max T900 Smart Watch:

Brand: Dragon Sales

Model Name: T900

Style: Casual

Colour: Orange

Screen Size: 1.99 Inches

Pros Cons 
Comprehensive Health TrackingGame Options Limited
Comprehensive Health Tracking 

7. boAt Wave Style Smart Watch

boAt Wave Style Smart Watch is a cutting-edge smartwatch under 1000 that combines style with substance. Immerse yourself in the crisp image quality and vibrant colors on the 1.69 Inches HD Square display with a peak brightness of 550 Nits, ensuring everything looks larger than life. Enjoy the convenience of an always-on display for instant information. Elevate your fitness journey with boAt Coins, earning vouchers/coupons redeemable on the boAt Crest App based on your workouts. With up to 7 days of battery life, this feature-loaded watch ensures you never miss out on the fun. Create your health and wellness ecosystem on the Crest App, complete with custom fitness plans, wellness crew, energy scores, and sleep scores.

Specifications of boAt Wave Style Smart Watch:

Brand: boAt

Model Name: Wave Style

Style: Non BT Calling

Colour: Active Black

Screen Size: 1.69 Inches

Pros Cons 
boAt Crest Health EcosystemNo Peak Brightness Adjustment
Fitness Tracking Variety 

8. Duas Collection T-500 S8 series Smart Watch

Duas Collection T-500 S8 series SmartWatch is a masterpiece in smartwatches under 1000. Boasting the industry's largest 1.95" display with a crystal-clear resolution of 320*385 pixels, immerse yourself in an expansive visual experience. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth calling with a dual-chip mechanism, including a built-in mic and speaker for clearer calls on the go. Navigate seamlessly with the AI Voice Assistant, providing instant access to your phone and watch. With a battery life of up to 5 days, this smartwatch becomes your constant companion. Calculate on the run with smart calculations, choose from 500+ cloud watch faces, and track over 100 sports modes, ensuring a versatile and personalized experience.

Specifications of Duas Collection T-500 S8 series Smart Watch:

Brand: Generic

Style: Modern

Colour: Black

Screen Size: 44 Millimeters

Special Feature: Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary Re

Pros Cons 
Dual Chip Calling MechanismNon-Adjustable Brightness
Smart Notifications Access 

9. TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch

TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch, your ideal companion in the world of affordable and feature-packed smartwatches under 1000. Witness a larger and brighter picture on the 1.69'' ultra-large display with 500 NITS brightness, encased in a robust polycarbonate body designed for daily rugged use. Powered by breakthrough TAGG Sense+ Technology, this smartwatch ensures accurate data tracking during workouts and various activities. Real-time blood oxygen SPO2 and heart rate tracking, along with comprehensive sleep tracking, provide daily health progress reports. With 60 sports modes and in-app GPS, stay on top of your workout routine and view your activity map.

Specifications of TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch:

Brand: TAGG

Model Name: Verve Neo

Colour: Rose Gold

Screen Size: 1.69 Inches

Special Feature: Activity tracker, Oxymeter (SpO2), Notifications, Heart Rate Monitor

Pros Cons 
Comprehensive Health MonitoringNo Adjustable Brightness
In-Built Games and Calculator 

10. pTron Newly Launched Reflect MaxPro Smartwatch

pTron Reflect MaxPro Smartwatch is a breakthrough in affordable and feature-packed wearable technology, perfect for those seeking a smartwatch under 1000. Boasting a spacious 2.01" Full Touch TFT display with a vibrant 240*296px resolution, this smartwatch redefines clarity with its 600 NITS brightness. The functional working crown adds a touch of elegance to your control experience, complemented by Bluetooth calls and a remarkable 5 days of battery life. Embark on a fitness journey with 8 active sports modes and real-time health tracking, including heart rate, SpO2, and blood pressure monitoring. The 2.5D curved display glass enhances the aesthetic appeal, while the IP68 waterproof design ensures durability. With 100+ watch faces, an easy-removable nylon strap, and compatibility with Android and iOS, the Reflect MaxPro promises versatility and style. Stay connected with a built-in mic and loudspeaker, all supported by Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Elevate your daily life with this affordable, functional, and stylish smartwatch.

Specifications of pTron Newly Launched Reflect MaxPro Smartwatch:

Brand: pTron

Model Name: Reflect

Style: Reflect MaxPro

Colour: Green

Screen Size: 2.01 Inches

Pros Cons  
Extensive Watch Face OptionsNo Strap Replacement
Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity 

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Top 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Pro SmartwatchTransform your fitnessVersatility pro
Voice assistant ip68 waterproof
pTron Newly Launched Reflect Callz SmartwatchSmart notifications5 days battery life
Instant access to voice assistant
Bounce Fit D20 Y68 Fitness Band SmartwatchBluetooth Smartwatch Touch ScreenDaily Activity Tracker
Heart Rate Sensor
TAYDAM M1 Smartwatchsleek and stylish smartwatchuser-friendly interface
touchscreen display
MARVIK Smart WatchPremium qualityLight weightEasy to use
i9 Ultra Max T900 Smart Watchhighest screen-to-body ratio2.BT calling & dialpad
Heart rate monitoring
boAt Wave Style Smart WatchGuided breathing meets good sleepMusic meet memories
Control meets comfort
Duas Collection T-500 S8 series Smart Watch500+ Cloud Watch Faces100+ Sports Modes
AI Voice Assistant
TAGG Verve NEO SmartwatchSense technology60 sports mode
Lightest smartwatch with big display
pTron Newly Launched Reflect MaxPro SmartwatchInstant access to voice assistant5 days battery life8 sports modes

Best overall product

Elevating affordability and functionality, the pTron Reflect MaxPro Smartwatch emerges as the best overall product under 1000. Its expansive 2.01" display, Bluetooth calls, and a remarkable 5-day battery life redefine the budget-friendly smartwatch experience. Offering versatility with 8 sports modes and comprehensive health tracking, it seamlessly combines style and practicality. With compatibility across Android and iOS, a plethora of watch faces, and the convenience of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Reflect MaxPro stands as a feature-packed, affordable, and stylish choice.

Best value for money

Delivering exceptional value for money, the Bouncefit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch emerges as a budget-friendly yet versatile choice under 1000. Priced sensibly, it provides day-long activity tracking, quick 20-minute charging, and call notifications. While it may lack some advanced features, its affordability makes it an accessible gateway to smart notifications without compromising basic functionality. The D20 is an ideal companion for those seeking a balance between budget constraints and essential smartwatch features.

How to choose a smartwatch under 1000?

Choosing a smartwatch under 1000 involves balancing features and budget.

Look for key aspects like display size, battery life, and compatibility. A larger, clear display, as seen in the pTron Reflect MaxPro, enhances user experience. Consider battery life based on your usage to avoid frequent charging.

Check compatibility with your phone's operating system, like Android or iOS. The Bouncefit D20 is an example with seamless compatibility.

Evaluate additional features like health tracking and sports modes. The TAGG Verve NEO, with comprehensive health monitoring and 60 sports modes, is a good choice.

Look for convenient charging options. The pTron Reflect MaxPro and Bouncefit D20 both offer quick charging, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the smartwatch than waiting for it to charge.

Consider the build quality and design. The pTron Reflect MaxPro's 2.5D curved display glass adds aesthetic appeal, while the Bouncefit D20's single-touch interface provides easy navigation.

Finally, read user reviews for insights into real-world performance. The MARVIK Smart Watch, despite its low cost, offers comprehensive health tracking and has positive user feedback.

  • What features should I prioritize in a budget-friendly smartwatch?

    Prioritize display size, battery life, compatibility, and essential health tracking features within your budget.

  • Are these smartwatches compatible with both Android and iOS?

    Most mentioned smartwatches, like pTron Reflect MaxPro and Bouncefit D20, are compatible with both Android and iOS.

  • Do these smartwatches support quick charging?

    Yes, both pTron Reflect MaxPro and Bouncefit D20 offer quick charging for added convenience.

  • Can I use these smartwatches for sports and fitness tracking?

    Many options, such as TAGG Verve NEO and pTron Reflect MaxPro, come with sports modes and health tracking features.

  • Are these smartwatches waterproof?

    Some, like the pTron Reflect MaxPro, come with an IP68 waterproof design for added durability.

  • How long does the battery last on average?

    Battery life varies, but the pTron Reflect MaxPro boasts a remarkable 5-day battery life.

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