Human and dog go paragliding together, interesting video wins hearts

The video shows a dog named Ouka and its human paragliding.
Dog and human paragliding together.(Instagram/@shamsfilmmaker)
Dog and human paragliding together.(Instagram/@shamsfilmmaker)
Published on Sep 10, 2021 02:27 PM IST
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By Trisha Sengupta

A video showcasing a human paragliding with his dog has won people’s hearts. There is a chance that the sweet clip will leave you smiling too.

The video is shared on the official Instagram page of the doggo named Ouka. The profile bio explains that the pooch is a 3 years old male Samoyed whose human’s name is Shams. The video is shared along with a descriptive caption explaining about Ouka’s adventure.

“When @shamsfilmmaker said he wanted to take me on adventures, I was not expecting those kind of adventures! But how cool is that?! So far, we did 4 flights and I love it! The harness is a bit too big for me so now I need a tailor made one! And then we will be ready to go hike on top of mountains and fly down from them! Here is a short video to show how Shams checked if it was okay to fly with me. I never have been scared or show trauma. As soon as we land, I am just super happy and stay with all the pilots around! They all give me cuddles so it is super cool!” reads the caption.

Take a look at the video that may make you go wow.


The video has gathered more than 5,200 likes, since being shared a few days ago. It has also gathered tons of comments from people. Many asked how long it took to train the dog. To which, Ouka’s human replied that it took about one month to train him. “I have Ouka since 2 months. And it took around 1 month to make the first flight,” he replied.

“This video just made my day, man!” wrote an Instagram user. “Wow so cool. He fully trusts you. The dog is so chilled,” expressed another. “Omg this is so cute,” commented a third. “Who says dogs can’t fly?! Amazing. He looks so happy,” posted a fourth.

Ouka’s human also shared a few images of their adventure on his Instagram page. “Yep. We did it. After only two months with me, I build a trust big enough between @ouka.sam and me to bring him in the air with me. Today is quite special. For many reasons. One year ago I would never thought my life would have been in the darkest mood I ever been, and neither that I would have a dog and fly with him!!! Ouka has been the biggest positive thing that happened to me since many months. It was not easy to adopt a 3 years old #samoyed who was not really educated, and it was my first dog. I followed dog education course (thanks!) very meticulously, and I discovered the love and the trust from a dog is unconditional. I am trying my best to give Ouka his best life, and he is helping me a lot to make me smile again. Thanks buddy! Let’s go fly around the world now!” he wrote while sharing the images.


What are your thoughts on the video and the images?

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