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US vlogger tries to get food poisoning by eating street food in Pakistan. Internet can’t digest it

BySanya Jain
Jun 25, 2024 10:35 AM IST

An American blogger has been slammed for his quest of trying to get food poisoning in Pakistan.

An American travel blogger has been criticised for eating street food in Pakistan with the express intent of getting food poisoning.

American vlogger eats street food in Lahore.(Instagram/@colinduthie)
American vlogger eats street food in Lahore.(Instagram/@colinduthie)

It is generally acknowledged that foreigners travelling to the Indian subcontinent are prone to stomach problems because of immunity issues. In fact, the phenomenon even has its own name - Delhi belly, which refers to the diarrhoea, constipation or other gastric issues that foreigners get in India.

But for an American man to baldly state that he is trying to get food poisoning in Pakistan by eating the country’s street food - well, the internet couldn’t digest it.

In an Instagram video that has gone massively viral online, the blogger, named Colin, takes his viewers to the streets of Lahore. He makes his intent clear right off the bat - “eating street food until I get food poisoning. Currently I’m in Lahore, Pakistan and I’m going to be walking around finding the weirdest things I can possibly find and eating it.”

Colin then proceeds to eat halwa, pakora and drink lassi in Lahore. None of these give him food poisoning. He ends his video by acknowledging that he did not get food poisoning but would continue in his endeavour.

Take a look at the video below:

In the caption, Colin said that many shopkeepers refused to accept payment from him. He also called Pakistan one of his favourite places to eat.

“Definitely one of my favorite days from my trip to Pakistan was exploring the narrow streets in the walled city of Lahore. Didn’t include this in the video but most of the food was actually gifted to me as a gesture of hospitality. Pakistanis are some of the kindest people in the world,” he wrote.

Many viewers, however, slammed him for the “disrespectful” and exploitative video. Some also remarked on his problematic quest of looking for “weird” food in Pakistan and then proceeding to eat halwa and pakoras.

“The weirdest thing you can possibly find is on your mirror. Don't travel to places if you're going to insult their way of living for internet points,” an Instagram user commented.

“Wow, I’m shocked. To tell us into the mic that you’re scared, and think you're going to get poisoned by the food for views but then smile in the faces of locals isn’t wild? It’s inauthentic and exploitative,” wrote one person.

“This is so disrespectful to the culture. Halwa and lassi are the tastiest dessert and drink and bro thinks he will get food poisoning just because he hasn’t seen anything like it,” said another.

The vlogger also found support from a section of the internet. “Being Paki I actually loved this series and I’m glad you liked the food,” a person commented.

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