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Bigg Boss 12 finale highlights: Salman Khan announces Dipika Kakar as the winner

Bigg Boss 12 Finale: Salman Khan announced Dipika as the season’s winner on tonight’s episode. Catch all the highlights from BB12 finale here.

By HT Correspondent | Dec 30, 2018 23:55 IST

With Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss, host Salman Khan announced the winning contestant and drop curtains on the 12th season of the show. The Bigg Boss 12 finale was an extravagant evening filled with spectacular performances and endless entertainment.

As the season comes to a close, viewers witnessed host Salman perform to various songs along with the top five finalists - Romil Chaudhury, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim and Deepak Thakur. There will also be a fun guests on the show including comedian Bharti Singh, filmmaker Rohit Shetty and others.

Catch all the BB12 finale highlights here:

23:44 hrs IST

Dipika Kakar wins the show

Dipika Kakar has won the show. She takes home the trophy and the prize money of Rs 30 lakh.

22:40 hrs IST

Dipika and Sreesanth join Salman on stage

After leaving the house, Dipika and Sreesanth joined Salman Khan on the show. Dipika says she is proud of Deepak.

22:29 hrs IST

Dipika and Sreesanth say goodbye to Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss congratulated Dipika and Sreesanth on being the final two in the house. He praised them for sustaining their relationship through thick and thin.

22:28 hrs IST

Sreesanth and Dipika perform together

Finalists Sreesanth and Dipika performed together. They conveyed their friendship through fun songs and dance performances.

23:22 hrs IST

Deepak says he was confident about winning

Deepak says he was confident about winning but took the money because he wanted to help his family with the money. He said he would like to get her sister married with the prize money. Salman confirmed he was indeed the least voted for of the three.

23:18 hrs IST

Salman says the exit money is the highest ever for Bigg Boss

Salman says anyone of them can walk out of the show and take away Rs 20 lakh. Deepak takes the money and leaves the show.

23:05 hrs IST

Salman Khan reveals the twist to the finalists

Salman Khan has revealed the twist to Dipika, Deepak and Sreesanth. He asks them to choose money or stay in the race for the trophy.

23:03 hrs IST

Salman brings back the Sultani Akhada

Salman Khan introduces show Kesari Nandan by entering the Sultani Akhada. He talks to the child actor through a video call.

22:47 hrs IST

Salman asks Delhi residents who they think would win the show

Salman Khan connected to the residents of Delhi through video call and asked for their reaction to the show and the contestants.

22:34 hrs IST

Khatron Ke Khiladi team joins Salman on stage

Rohit Shetty, Aditya Narayan, Bharti Singh, Jasmine Bhasin and Riddhima Pandit promote their show Khatron Ke Khiladi on the show.

22:31 hrs IST IST

Dipika, Deepak, Sreesanth perform together

Final s Dipika, Deepak and Sreesanth perform together to Race 3 song with Khatron Ke Khiladi contestants.

22:26 hrs IST

Sreesanth, Dipika and Deepak enter the top 3

Sreesanth, Deepak and Dipika have entered the top 3. Romil had to leave the show as the third runner-up.

22:24 hrs IST

Rohit Shetty enters the house

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has entered the house and will announce the final three contestants. He will announce the finalists through a game.

22:07 hrs IST

Bharti Singh challenges Salman to a dance-off

Salman Khan and Bharti Singh enter a dance off. However, it’s their body doubles who are actually doing the dancing.

22:06 hrs IST

Bharti asks Salman to marry her

Bharti says Salman should marry her and together they will make a baby cuter than Taimur. Salman tries to dodge her proposal.

22:03 hrs IST

Bharti Singh arrives on stage

Bharti Singh joins Salman Khan on stage.She says everyone knows how much money the two have earned through the show.

Salman Khan and Bharti Singh on stage.
22:00 hrs IST

Deepak and Somi perform together

Deepak and Somi perform together for the audience. They perform to a song sung by Deepak himself and to Milegi Milegi from Stree.

21:59 hrs IST

Deepak talks to his friends and family through video call

Salman Khan connects Deepak to his townspeople through a video call. He sings a song for his s ers and makes them emotional.

21:55 hrs IST

Salman shows AV from Deepak’s town

Deepak’s family and friends from his village in Bihar say that they are very proud of him. They say they didn’t eat or drink when something bad would happen to him on an episode.

21:53 hrs IST

Salman asks Karanvir who should win

Karanvir says Deepak deserves to win the show.He says he has seen his journey and should therefore be crowned the winner.

21:49 hrs IST

Salman says Karanvir is out of the show

Salman asks Deepak and Romil to pick up Karanvir and drop him to the door. Karanvir says his goodbyes to Bigg Boss and thanks him for the opportunity.

21:46 hrs IST

Salman reveals a tw

Salman says the contestants will be given a choice to exit the show with a certain amount that will be deducted from the prize amount.

21:41 hrs IST

Romil and Deepak’s fans crack jokes at them

Romil’s fan says he should be a gyaani baba and Deepak’s fan says he should be an actor. Bharti asks which actress he wants to act with, he says Katrina Kaif.

21:38 hrs IST

Bharti shows video messages from finalists’ fans

Dipika’s fan says she should be a cook after the show, Karanfir’s fans say he should be an actor, a plumber or a fashion designer.

21:35 hrs IST

Bharti Singh enters the house

Bharti Singh enters the house and congratulates the finalists. She cracks jokes at everyone.

Bharti Singh on the show.
21:33 hrs IST

Karanvir, Sreesanth and Romil give a dance performance

Karanvir, Sreesanth and Romil perform to Khali Bali in costumes that seem inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road.

21:27 hrs IST

Salman shows a video from Romil’s hometown

Salman shows the audience how much Karnal is proud of Romil. Salman also talks to his friends and family through video call. They are 100% sure Romil will win the season.

21:25 hrs IST

Salman embarrasses Deepak

Salman asked Deepak when was the first time he tried to woo Somi. Deepak asked Salman to not talk about it in front of his parents.

21:22 hrs IST

Salman says Sreesanth has threatened to leave the show 299 times

Salman asks everyone to guess how many times Sreesanth has threatened to leave the show. He revealed that he had said it 299 times. Sreesanth refused to say it a 300th time.

21:21 hrs IST

Salman introduces the finalists’ families

Salman makes Sreesanth, Deepak,Karanvir and Romil meet their families but says Dipika’s family could not come for the finale.

21:18 hrs IST

Romil’s father makes him emotional with his support

Romil gets emotional as his father says kind things about him. He says he has made a name for himself in the world on his own.

21:12 hrs IST

Bigg Boss shows videos from contestants’ families

Deepak and Romil’s father and Dipika’s mother-in-law share supportive messages for the finalists. Sreesanth’s wife and Karanvir’s father also shared their best wishes. The finalists all get emotional on seeing the video.

21:10 hrs IST

Bigg Boss congratulates the finalists

Bigg Boss congratulates Dipika, Karanvir, Sreesanth, Romil and Deepak for making it to the finals. The contestants raise a toast to each other.

21:09 hrs IST

Neha Pendse says Deepak or Sreesanth could win

When asked, Neha Pendse says either Deepak or Sreesanth could win. Urvashi says Deepak’s chances do not look very strong.

21:08 hrs IST

Somi thinks Deepak would win

All the previous contestants from show have arrived for the finale. Somi Khan says out of Deepak and Romil,Deepak would win the show.Meghna says Sreesanth would win.

21:06 hrs IST

Salman says more than 1 crore votes have been counted

While opening the show, Salman Khan mentioned that more than 1 crore audiences votes have been counted. He also showed a glimpse at the trophy.

21:00 hrs IST

Salman kick starts the finale with a performance

Host Salman Khan starts the show by performing to his hit songs. He introduces the finalists with a special performance with each one.

20:45 hrs IST

Salman Khan to perform with Sreesanth and Dipika

A new promo clip from the grand finale shows Salman Khan performing with contestants Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth. Watch the clip here:

20:30 hrs IST

Watch Salman Khan perform with Deepak Thakur

A new clip from the finale shows Salman Khan performing with Deepak Thakur inside the house. Watch it here:

20:15 hrs IST

Know the previous Bigg Boss winners and their prize money

With show set to come to its end in a few hours, have a look at the former winners and more about the show, different hosts and the fluctuating prize money. Read full story here.

20:00 hrs IST

Check out the Bigg Boss winning trophy

The official account of Colors has shared a picture of the trophy on Twitter. Check it out:

19:45 hrs IST

Watch Bharti Singh perform with Salman Khan

A clip from the finale shows Bharti Singh dancing with Salman Khan. However, the two seem to have taken help from their body doubles to pull off a few moves and their fans have noticed.

19:30 hrs IST

HT’s poll declares Dipika Kakar as the winner

The HT poll results indicate Dipika Kakar as the probable winner of BB12 finale, Sreesanth is not far behind. Check out full results here.

19:15 hrs IST

When and where to watch the finale

You can watch the grand finale on your television sets sharp at 9 PM on Sunday on Colors. If you cannot catch the show on your television, there are other options as well. Read full story here.

19:00 hrs IST

Check out the promo for the finale

Colors has shared a new promo for the season finale. The clip shows comedian Bharti Singh entering the house to entertain the contestants. She also joins host Salman Khan on the stage.

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