We have found the grossest, nastiest, ugliest things to ever air on TV
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We have found the grossest, nastiest, ugliest things to ever air on TV

Here’s hoping you are going through this with an empty stomach, otherwise, God help you:

tv Updated: Feb 18, 2016 18:52 IST
Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava
Hindustan Times
Shane Warne,Anaconda,Fear Factor
Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t feel so proud about eating a rat boiled in her own pee.(YouTube)

You must have heard how Australian cricketer, Shane Warne, recently got bit by a massive snake while participating in a reality show. He was pushing his head into a glass box full of dangerous serpents when one of them attacked his face and bit him quite hard. Of course, the snake was not poisonous but that doesn’t discount how much it must have hurt the poor guy.

The reality show, Get Me Out Of Here, is just one of the many TV series that put their contestants through hell for the prize money. They make them eat gross stuff, put their lives at risks and do things that a normal person even on his worst day will not do. However, there are many who take up the challenge and do it anyway, some happily so (looking at you Bear Grylls). Here are are a few worst of the worst challenges people have had to face. Here’s hoping you are going through this with an empty stomach, otherwise, God help you:

1. A pizza made by lord of darkness, Satan himself:

Pizza, what would life be like without it, eh? How about if the crust the crust is made of cow bile, sauce made out of coagulated blood paste, mouldy, rancid cheese and red, slimy worms to top it all off. The contestants at Fear Factor Season 3 were given 10 minutes to eat a slice and one of them does it. Where is our barf bucket??

2. Michelle Rodriguez eats a rat boiled in pee

Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez perhaps made the worst decision of her life when she signed up for an episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls. The survival expert and the actor were in a desert, looking for food when he asked her to go pee in a cooking pan to boil a dead rat in it as they didn’t have enough water to cook the ‘meal’. While cribbing the entire time, Michelle does everything he asks. She goes behind a rock to urinate in the utensil, they put the rat in it and boil it for a while to ‘kill bacteria’. Then, she eats it! Everyone, just stay away from Bear now.

3. Eating buffalo testicles. TWO OF THEM

Who comes up with all these batshit crazy ideas anyway? In season one of Fear Factor, contestants were made to eat buffalo testicles! The stunt was so gross and horrid, if it doesn’t make you queasy, get yourself checked because there is something really wrong with you.

4. Eating horse rectums

This one was so yucky, NBC didn’t even let it air in Missouri. Here, Fear Factor contestants played horseshoes and depending on their score, they would eat that number of inches of horse rectum. WHAT? What amount of money is worth this nightmare?

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5. Escape a body bag full of death itself

In an all-women special Fear Factor, contestants were put inside a transparent body bag, chained and locked. The bag is full of a gillion flesh eating worms, cockroaches, stinking beetles and they have to search for the right key out of three to get out. All this in complete darkness.

6. Bear Grylls and camels are never going to be friends

Not only did he skin a dead camel in a desert to make a blanket out of it in an episode, he also once sliced open the dead animal’s intestines. In the guts, he found undigested blob food and guess what he does. No he doesn’t throw it away like any sane man would, he squeezes the matter and lets the liquid from the undigested poo flow out and... drinks it. We... we just can’t even... huh.

7. Chewing through cow eyeballs and transferring it elsewhere

Still think you can make it through this list? Well, in an episode of Fear Factor, contestants were asked to feast on cow eyeballs. To win, contestants had to bite into the eyeballs and drain the eye fluid into a cup.

8. Steve-O drunk on a horse’s mojo

Welcome to Jackass! This one is maybe the sickest of the lot. Steve-O and gang ‘milk’ a male horse and store his semen in a container. They then, umm, drink it. Of course, they all then barf and vomit their heart but what they have done is now recorded history.

First Published: Feb 18, 2016 17:28 IST