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Game of Thrones Episode 6 spoiler-free review: Blood of My Blood

In what was this season’s most uneventful episode, not only were characters not killed, the lives of more than a few were spared and some even returned from oblivion.

tv Updated: May 30, 2016 15:43 IST
Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava
Hindustan Times
Game of Thrones,Review,Season 6
Arya is smiling again, how rare is that?(HBO)

It was something we always hoped for but when we got it, we didn’t like it very much. We’re talking about death and gore on Game of Thrones. In what was this season’s most uneventful episode, not only were characters not killed, the lives of more than a few were spared and some even returned from oblivion.

Last week, we were left with a crushing goodbye to Hodor as Meera dragged Bran away from the Wights.

Bran is catching up on all that happened so far. Does he need season 1-5 DVDs? (HBO)

Blood of my Blood, though, begins with Bran recounting the first five seasons in Warg mode as we feel deep pity for the poor Meera who is killing herself hauling the crippled Stark across cold, frozen woods. After what happened last week, many of us would half want her to leave him to die right there.

The segment that followed took quite a significant turn from the books and many are not happy with it. Personally, I believe that this only gives the readers and the viewers twice as many chances to enjoy the story. Why people want the show and the books to be exactly the same is beyond my comprehension.

The episode also spends a good, long time with Samwell and Gilly who are off to Horn Hill to meet Tywin Lannister reincarnate, Lord Randyll Tarly. And he is the absolute worst, just like Sam said he was all those seasons ago. The scenes with Sam and Gilly are always sweet and bring the much needed innocence to the series. This time was no different. Of course, Papa Tarly does his best by spewing hate but the two emerge as the best GOT couple by the end of it.

We do not deserve to have Sam, Gilly and baby Sam on this cruel, cruel show. (HBO)

Back in Braavos, Arya is now a regular with the visiting theatre company. She has to make a call on whether to kill Lady Crane or spare her life. If she does spare her, Jaqen H’ghar and his horrible Waif will not be kind. How weird is it that H’ghar is slowly turning into a villain in the ‘Arya’ tangent.

Who else felt more sad about this kid dying and fake Cersei than for the originals? (HBO)

However, it will only do her good to leave the stupid place already because her storyline is currently the most clueless and boring. The show has been building up on her training for more than two seasons now and H’ghar is still testing her. It doesn’t look like he is in the mood for any lessons anyway.

This season promised to be ‘better than any so far’ but I am definitely not impressed yet. Of course, I will be told that the real fun begins with the seventh-eighth episode but why couldn’t this season have been an exception? Yes, there were moments of greatness like Hodor’s (possible) death or Jon Snow’s resurrection, but the story is still playing in different sections and not as a unit. It’s a very ‘meh’ episode but of course you can’t skip it.

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First Published: May 30, 2016 14:36 IST