Different hues of Durga Puja

UPDATED ON OCT 09, 2008 07:50 PM IST
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People from all across the city come in groups, with their idols (both personal, as well as the community idols) to the riverbank. Some carry it themselves; others bring them in trucks and other vehicles. The atmosphere is full of happiness and gloom at the same time. Some get nostalgic and cry, as if bidding farewell to one of their family, whereas on the other hand, many rejoice and celebrate. The energy in the air is very addictive. The celebration is marked my loud drumbeats. People throw colors in the air and even put them on each other's face. They dance as if in a trance and call out the name of the goddess loudly. People dance to the hypnotic beats of the folk drums with earthen pots that have 'lobaan' and coconut husk burning. Even when a group is through with their ritual, they stay back and participate in the celebrations of the other groups.


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