Show juvenile’s face to public after his release: Nirbhaya’s mother

UPDATED ON DEC 11, 2015 12:52 PM IST
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Amid apprehension raised by the parents, the Home Ministry may ask the juvenile convict to sign a legal bond affirming good behavior after his release. But, the visibly upset parents of the December 2012 gang rape victim disapproved the move and said at least the juvenile's face be shown to public so that the public knows what he is capable of and can protect themselves. She also asserted that he not 'reformed' over his three years of remand. Putting the onus on the government to ensure that the public is safe one the juvenile is released, she added that the laws need to change or else the women in the nation would never be safe from such crimes. The juvenile, who was under 18 when he was arrested for rape and murder of Nirbhaya, was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and ordered to keep in a remand home for three years and is set to be released this month.


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