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7 Chakras meditation: Meaning, locations, benefits and how to activate them

ByArya Vaishnavi
Apr 25, 2024 11:23 PM IST

One of the most powerful and ancient meditation techniques is chakra meditation

Meditation is a powerful spiritual practice that includes various techniques like mindfulness and breathwork. This centuries-old practice has gained momentum in recent years due to its numerous mental and physical health benefits. It is also the core of other practices such as manifestation, affirmations, and energy healing. One of the most powerful meditation techniques is chakra meditation. While there are hundreds of chakras, the human body has seven main energy centres.

7 Chakras meditation: Learn how to unlock their powers
7 Chakras meditation: Learn how to unlock their powers

Here's a guide on what each chakra means, their locations, benefits, and how to unlock them:

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Root chakra

Root chakra, which is also known as Muladhara is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone. It is a storehouse of your life energy and is associated with basic necessities of a human being, i.e. food, sleep, and hydration. When you unlock this chakra, your body becomes stronger and less likely to suffer from common ailments like cough and cold. It also gives you the ability to shield yourself from negativity and keep you grounded.

Sacral chakra

Swadhisthana, or sacral chakra, is located at the root of reproductive organs and is associated with emotions, yearning, sensuality, and sexual desire. Ancient scriptures say that when unlocked, it allows you to reach higher levels of consciousness and raise your dormant energy upwards from the root chakra.

Solar Plexus chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra, or Manipura, is located just around the navel area. It governs the digestive system and metabolism of the body according to Yogic teachings. When unlocked, it gives you a sense of authority, boosts your confidence, and allows you to get solid momentum in life. Through this chakra, it is said that astral travel becomes possible.

Heart chakra

Anahata, or the heart chakra, is among the fourth energy centres that represent the higher consciousness. This chakra stands for love, bravery, courage, and devotion. In the human body, it is located around the heart area. When you unlock your heart chakra, you start flowing with love and become connected to your higher self. It allows you to face every situation with courage and release negative emotions.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra, or Vishuddhi, is located at the pit of the throat. It is a higher chakra, which stands for purity. When you unlock this chakra, whatever you speak becomes the truth. It allows one to excel when it comes to being vocal, either through speaking or singing. Highly talented singers often stay in this charka, which makes their music loved and appreciated by the masses.

Third eye chakra

Ajna, or third eye chakra, is a superior chakra that is located on your forehead, in the area between your eyebrows. It represents the third eye, which dates back to ancient Indian yogic traditions and Egyptian mysticism. By unlocking this chakra, you become one with your soul and gain psychic abilities, such as visions and divine knowledge. It opens you to move beyond the physical realm and know your true self.

Crown chakra

Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the topmost chakra and is directly associated with the universe. It is located at the crown of your head and once you unlock it, you learn the truth about existence and reality. With this chakra, you become one with the consciousness. According to yogic philosophies and ancient scriptures, it is the harbinger of light and the storehouse of spiritual wisdom.

How to unlock your chakras?

There are several ways to unlock your chakras but you should know that it takes years of deep meditation practices to achieve this. Through initiation by a realised master, you can achieve this as they channel their energy to open your chakras. However, it is important to note that these methods stem from spirituality and are specific to each individual. You can unlock your chakras over a period of time through these methods:

  1. Be aware of the chakra you wish to unlock. For example, if you wish to open your third eye chakra, you should become conscious of its location and put your awareness into it.
  2. Meditate every day on each chakra to harness its powers and balance your energies.
  3. You can also chant certain mantras to awaken your dormant chakras.
  4. You should join guided meditation classes or chakra healing sessions for expert advice.
  5. You can use specific crystals to help channel energy to each chakra.

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