Party special: 10 foods to help you crush the hangover

These foods will keep that head-pounding hangover at bay
The hangover is a nightmare! These foods will help you beat the post party blues(Shutterstock)
The hangover is a nightmare! These foods will help you beat the post party blues(Shutterstock)
Updated on Dec 15, 2018 10:49 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByLovneet Batra

Whether your reason was that extra beer you didn’t really need or skipping dinner and heading straight for the happy hour, the holiday cheer can also bring a head-pounding hangover along. Here are some go-to foods that will help escape the misery.

1. Banana for potassium

This easily-available fruit can be the hangover miracle food. It contains healthy amounts of potassium, which is depleted after alcohol consumption that can cause booze blues. Alcohol consumption causes an increase in insulin secretion, which leads to low blood sugar leaving you exhausted. Banana is an instant energiser that can help bouncing your energy levels back up.

2. Ginger lemon water for Vitamin C

Dehydration can be the prime cause of hangover. This concoction made with mixing one teaspoon ginger juice with one teaspoon lemon juice in a glass of water, is hydrating and enriched with gingerol and Vitamin C. It is a strong anti-oxidant that can reduce the free radical damage in the body. Vitamin C is also required for glutathione production, a molecule capable of cellular cleanse and produced by the body. This simple drink can also be your nausea quick fix while relieving any stomach discomfort.

3. Almonds for magnesium

This super nut with just a fistful can provide half of your daily magnesium needs. Excessive alcohol consumption depletes cellular magnesium; a mineral that supports the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, which breaks down alcohol and eliminates it from the body. Magnesium also relaxes head and neck muscle tension, a much-needed therapy post drinking.

4. Cucumber mint juice for hydration

Alcohol leaves a strong acidic ash in the body, which makes the body vulnerable to illness. To stabilise this effect, it is best to start the day with consumption of alkaline foods. Cucumber and mint juice is hydrating, calming and soothing for the body. It can also help in bringing down high blood pressure caused due to excessive drinking.

5. Buttermilk for probiotics

Most of us mainly focus on hydration and health of the liver when it comes to alcohol and what’s often overlooked is its effect on our gut health. Heavy drinking (over four drinks per event) can cause irritation in the intestinal lining leading to inflammatory gut, which can cause harmful bacteria to leak from the gut into the blood. Buttermilk is a natural probiotic that has soothing effect on colon and helps in promoting healthy gut microflora and revives digestive health.

6. Idli for energy

Made of fermented black lentil and rice, idli is a hangover warrior. A food combination that is easy on your digestive system, it provides instant energy and lowers bloating. As a rich source of cysteine, it helps in glutathione formation that is responsible for alleviating oxidative stress caused by toxins in the body.

7. Raisins for B-vitamins

Alcohol depletes B-vitamins, which leaves you fatigued. Raisins are one of the tastier hangover cures that supports liver health and contains fructose that can help increase alcohol elimination rate easing the hangover woes. Soak five to seven raisins overnight and consume on an empty stomach.

8. Milk thistle seeds to detox

It contains a compound called silybin that helps with liver regeneration and detox. Liver is the main organ responsible for processing alcohol and supporting it post alcohol consumption should be a priority. One teaspoon raw seeds can be consumed on waking up and be sure to chew them well.

9. Wheatgrass to relieve water retention

A storehouse of concentrated amounts of nutrients including iron, magnesium, chlorophyll, Vitamins A, C and E, which helps in supporting liver and kidneys in getting rid of toxins. Chlorophyll is antibacterial and a natural healer that can boost immunity. A 30 ml booster shot can aid in detoxification and relieving water retention.

10. Brahmi for rejuvenation

A powerful herb that is known for nervous system rejuvenation, strength and energy. It has a reputation for improving mental function while relieving anxiety and depression. Brahmi contains saporins and bacosides that interact with the neurotransmitters in the brain raising levels of serotonin. This helps in regulating the balance of the mind to be more beneficial to the mood and overall cognitive process. It induces higher alertness by increasing cerebral circulation. For optimum results mix half a teaspoon with water and consume instantly.

The author is a clinical nutritionist based out of Delhi and is a consultant with Fortis Healthcare

From HT Brunch, December 16, 2018

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