Here’s what Delhi based celebs are doing to conserve water
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Here’s what Delhi based celebs are doing to conserve water

With the Capital facing an inevitable groundwater crisis, the need of the hour becomes conservation of the precious resource. Here is a look at how eminent Delhi based personalities are involved in conserving water at personal level. Take inspiration and do your bit.

delhi Updated: Jun 25, 2018 16:24 IST
Nikita Saxena
Nikita Saxena
Hindustan Times
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(L-R) Danseuse Sharon Lowen, fashion designer Rina Dhaka, artist Jayasri Burman and fashion designer Gaurav Jai Gupta

Every year, as the temperature goes up in the Capital, the level of water shortage rises up. Even as some parts are currently facing a severe water crisis, reports say that the city will run out of groundwater within two years. Saving water, thus, becomes imperative.

From rainwater harvesting to limiting their bathing time, city celebs give us helpful strategies to conserve water.

Rina Dhaka, fashion designer

We’re all experiencing it. Firstly, the sewage system is messed up. Secondly, there’s no even distribution of water. To make rainwater harvesting real, you need to make sure that the pricing is real. Rainwater harvesting is not cheap. Till these three things become real, there will continue to be water trouble. We have rainwater harvesting in certain areas of our houses. I hate standing up for long under showers, and I’m even very paranoid about flushing the loo. It will only change if we come together as people and work for it together.

Jayasri Burman, artist

People take a full glass of water but never finish it. People should have water only as per their need. And when there’s so much water crisis, one needs to be more careful about using it for daily chores such as washing utensils. Plumbing work is very bad all over the city, so people need to get leakages fixed immediately. That’s a major waste of water.

Gaurav Jai Gupta, fashion designer

It’s not just water, but it’s everything — the plastic, the pollution. I feel helpless. Individually, I can do as much as possible, but it is a larger issue. I’ve told people at work not to waste. At my own level, I don’t wash my car with water, but clean it with a dry cloth. I have also been trying to wash fewer clothes. And I’m also thinking of taking the issue of water consumption up with my gym management. You can buy drinking water but what about the rest? I feel so sad because I cannot go to a stranger and tell him that don’t waste this natural resource.

Sharon Lowen, Odissi danseuse

It is essential that we save water. If we don’t, there will be water wars soon. I only take bucket bath so that I don’t waste a lot of water. Even when I brush my teeth, I take water from glass so
that I don’t leave the faucet running. We are also careful with the watering of plants. When we can, we reuse water and try to do composting. Whenever I’m given a glass to drink, I don’t pour it down the sink. Always drink it or put it in the plants.

Tips to conserve water
  • Invest in rainwater harvesting
  • Reuse RO water for chores like mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and so forth
  • Take baths insteads of showers and use water from tumblers for brushing your teeth
  • Check for leakages
  • Clean your car with a dry cloth instead of water
  • Wash clothes only when there’s a full load

First Published: Jun 25, 2018 16:24 IST