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To hide body, DU student’s killer told wife a rat died in his room

Naveen Khatri says once he killed Arzoo, he did not know what to do with the body

delhi Updated: Feb 11, 2016, 01:42 IST
Ananya Bharadwaj
Ananya Bharadwaj
Hindustan Times
DU student Arzoo was not pregnant, killed in a fit of rage: Police
DU student Arzoo was not pregnant, killed in a fit of rage: Police(HT)

“Her threats scared me. I just wanted her to shut up,” Naveen Khatri, arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend Arzoo Singh, said in his statement to the police.

He described as “seemingly endless” and the most “terrifying” the 15 hours during which he killed her, drove the body home, wrapped it to make it seem like a bedding, pushed it down the shaft and sat beside it for hours thinking of ways to dump it.

In those 15 hours starting from 3pm in the afternoon, Khatri allegedly gagged his girlfriend using her hand bag after she threatened him of showing up at his wedding venue. As he gagged her using the bag, she started spouting blood, which scared him further. Then he took her dupatta and strangled her. “Suddenly it was all quiet. She lay motionless. I did not know what to do,” he said in his statement.

“Cleaned her face”

Khatri then cleaned her face using a tissue paper in his car, threw her bag that had spots of blood, adjusted her dupatta and placed her in seating position right next to him. He put a seating belt around the body so that it doesn’t fall and drove to Rajpura. “I could not think of any means to get rid of the body. All that came to my mind was drive home,” he told the police. Khatri even crossed a police picket on the way, with the dead body beside him but he kept his calm.

“Made body appear like bedding”

A few kilometres away from his home, Khatri shifted the body to the boot. After reaching home he waited for the night to fall. Late at night, he arranged six bed sheets and a thin mattress to wrap the body and went to his car. He drove his car to a nearby area and wrapped the body. He then put it back in the boot and again drove home.

“He then sought help from a labourer who was draping tents in the area to help him take it to his room. When the labourer asked why is the bedding so heavy, Naveen dodged the question. The labourer helped him carry the body to his room after which he left,” sources said.

“Sat beside body, cried”

It was 5am. Khatri locked his room and sat beside the body for over two hours, crying. “I thought about several ways to dump it but could not think of anything,” he told the police. Around 7:30 am when his family members woke up, he panicked. “He had a body right in front of him. He did not know what to do with it. One of his cousins knocked on the door asking him to wake up, while he sat with the body inside the room. He planned to put the body inside the shaft for the time being,” sources said.

After dropping the body inside the shaft, Khatri then locked his room from outside and left with the keys. That day he did not let anyone enter his room.

“Dead rat in room”

Naveen did not go to his room for three days. He told his relatives that he would sleep in another room as there is lot of stuff lying around in his room. On the third day, when Naveen’s newly-wed wife entered the room, she smelled the stench. When she told Khatri about it, he said she should not have gone to the room passed off the stench as that of a dead rat.

“I could not sleep for all these days. I could not eat. Knowing that there is a body in the shaft. Maybe I was just waiting for someone to find out,” he told the police.

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