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5 effective ways to make a solid comeback after confronting failure in competitive situations

ByGaurav Sarma, New Delhi
Jan 19, 2024 01:37 PM IST

Failure may be scary but it simply is cornerstone to success and should be handled as positively as possible. Here are 5 ways to overcome the fear of failure!

Try and try till you succeed – a popular line that beautifully describes the essence of life. Although tasting the fruit of success feels great, it certainly does not come easy. We all have been through some kind of failure in our lives, be it in school, college, or may be even in a sporting activity. It is but a fact that failure often has a negative impact on our minds – on certain occasions, you may even feel like quitting the race. But failure has a more important role in our lives.

Learnt the proven ways to make a comeback and turn your failures into success.(Unsplash)
Learnt the proven ways to make a comeback and turn your failures into success.(Unsplash)

Failure, as a matter of fact, is simply a cornerstone to one’s success and should be handled as positively as possible. To put it simply, embracing failure is regarded to be one of the essential components on the road to success. This can be derived from a famous quote by American actor Marylin Monroe who once said - Just because you failed once, does not mean you will fail every time!

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For instance, let us take the example of UPSC or State Public Service Commission examinations. Thousands of candidates appear in the exams every year, but only a few make it to the Main Examination after clearing the prelims. Out of these, only some candidates make it to the interview round and finally get selected if everything goes well.

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However, there also have been instances where candidates do not get selected despite making it to the interview round. In such cases, some candidates do not get bogged down by the failure – rather they try again.

Saswati Das, who cleared her APSC exams on Tuesday, spoke to Hindustan Times Digital and said “Perseverance is the key. Civil service examination is like a a marathon, setbacks are like like part and parcel of this preparation. It's a mentally exhausting process, so even while preparing, the feeling of 'I can't do it anymore' and ‘will I ever make it’ keeps running in the back of your mind.”

“But always remembering why you started and of course in the presence of a good support system be it family or friends, rising up from the setbacks makes the process easier,” adds Saswati.

Now, if you too have faced a failure recently and are not sure how to face your fears and restart your preparation for success, scroll down to know the five ways suggested by experts that can help you make a solid comeback.

1. Make a note of your shortcomings:

The first step to overcoming your failure is to identify areas that went wrong. Evaluate the answers and work on ways to improve them. Make a habit of practicing your answers and read the questions carefully to avoid common mistakes. Barsha Das, another APSC topper and currently serving as the DSP in Assam Police, said, “Often candidates are in a hurry to finish a question and attempt the next one. I remember doing it myself which did not yield the desired outcome. It was after I made a thorough review of this aspect that I realized how important it is to understand a question and write your answers carefully. The idea is to answer a question correctly, not hurriedly.”

2. Remain positive despite criticisms

Being let down by criticism is only human, but up to an extent only. One should never let criticism get the most out of your emotions as it will only lead to negativity. If you intend to make it big and be successful, you must learn to be emotionally strong. “I remember the days when I would be so upset for not being able to clear the APSC examinations. To top it all, there were people around me who would only point out my shortcomings adding to my misery. However, I was certain that being negative would not lead me anywhere, and as such, I made it a point to be positive throughout my preparation journey. It took me four years to be where I am today,” says Barsha.

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3. Overcome your fear of failure

It goes without saying that failures can be scary – more so if you have gone through it in the past. However, it is also a fact that fearing failure for a long time might make your road to success a difficult one. This fear often stems from factors such as self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Therefore, it becomes even more important to overcome your fears to renew your preparation with a fresh zeal. One way of doing this is by reminding yourself of the reason why you began the preparation and what you aim to accomplish.

Saswati recalled how she used to paste sticky notes on her study table and even on her phone! “I constantly reminded myself of the goal I had in my mind and never let the fear of failure get on me. I used to write my goals on sticky notes and paste them wherever I could. This proved to be an effective way of dealing with the stress,” said Saswati.

4. Restart like a beginner

When you are re-starting your preparation, having a mind of curiosity and a positive outlook is essential, and this can only be done if you begin with a fresh mind. Treat your previous attempts as learning experiences and plan your preparation regime accordingly. Reorganize your study schedule keeping the syllabus in mind and the ways you can improve your answers in your next attempt.

5. Keep yourself motivated: Trust the journey

Last but not least, one has to remain motivated throughout the journey of success. Dr Ratul Rajkhowa, an eminent career consultant associated with various academic bodies, said, “When life lets you down, it is only you who must bring yourself up. Find sources that inspire you to trust yourself despite the roadblocks. Life has many available opportunities waiting for you to be explored and exploited. One has to remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

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