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Moving ahead…

Ever since the Class 12 results were declared, the campus journalists have been a restless lot. Anticipation, anxiety, contentment... they are experiencing all that and a hundred other emotions.

education Updated: Jun 04, 2013 15:55 IST
Kritika Narula
Kritika Narula
Hindustan Times

Anxiety, ecstasy, contentment, and despair — such was the array of emotions that concocted to make our Red Letter Day, the day of the declaration of the Class 12 results. No words suffice to describe the whirlpool of emotions that nearly all students felt at the moment of typing their respective roll numbers — after all that moment was merely a click away from a predetermined fate.

While the results catapulted some to heights of ecstasy, many others were disappointed and seeking consolation. We, the campus journos, were no exception.

True, the results are out but the saga of sleepless nights is not over. Entrance tests and interview trials amidst the harrowing cut-off predictions is what forms the staple of our new worries. Entrance test rankings and the furore over educational reforms are compounding uncertainties. Our emotions, hopes and anxieties at this stage might be different but we all hope for one thing — a secure future.

While for some of us, the fact that we have finally graduated from high school has not yet fully sunk in, others yearn for the college of their choice, some are hopeful of cracking an entrance, some of us display an unusual alacrity to audaciously face any challenge that the admission process throws at us. But there’s one thread that binds and unites us all: the confrontation with an uncertain future, aspirations to secure a seat in a decent college, looking forward to a frolicsome, yet intellectually-stimulating college life.

As they say, hope springs eternal. Let me borrow words from Steve Jobs, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

The results were declared before the scheduled time and this rattled some of us. In any case none of us can forget the first reactions to the results. Whatever be our individual case, in retrospect we are all grateful for whatever marks we have scored. At least, now we have some parameters upon which we can base our career choices.

We hope that all the students who have passed Class 12 this year can relate to our feelings and dilemmas. And through this edition it is our earnest effort to act as purveyors of hope for all of them. In fact, ‘us’ is a better word as we are all peers and after all we are in this crossroads of life together.

We have endless discussions on ‘what might happen in the future’ and many a time in the midst of a discussion we digress from the main subject. It is then that one of us says, “Let’s move on,” and then it strikes us, why not do just that? Why not just move on towards the endless possibilities of the life that lies ahead of us? Why not be content with whatever life has bestowed on us and cherish it?

There’s much more to come in the journey called life. What we have experienced in our school life and through the boards is just a tiny abbreviation of an expereince called life.

So, here we are, moving out of a cocoon, moving into the real world, and hence the theme, moving ahead...

Editor’s list

It was great fun to convene the meeting that acted as a stress-buster for our post-exam blues

1. Setting up the edit meet
Squatting in HT office, our weekly haven, I presided our meeting, nothing less than a Parliament session

2. Theme of the week
The CJs talk about their post-result euphoria and chagrin

3. Tasks set out
Blogging and writing about life after Boards

4. The most disciplined journo
If discipline connotes hard work and regularity, then Geetika, Vritti, Jasmine and Ummang should compete for this one

5. Work I did this week
Pestering the CJs, running spell-checks and word counts, doing what I love: writing

6. ...and next week’s editor is
Ummang Sharma Bajpai, the theme revolves around the impending, inevitable admission process

Kritika Narula, St Margaret Senior Secondary School

As the climax of 14 years of schooling advanced closer, results acted as the coup de grâce. As luck would have it, results were announced before the premeditated time. In an electronic confrontation with my marks, I found myself fretting over having fallen a little short of my expectations. My proud teachers elevated my dampened spirits. Scoring above 95% is worth jubilation. Years later, I won’t be number-crunching my marks under statistical jargon. It’s always been a limitation of statistics to overlook the qualitative aspect. I choose to believe in the belief that my family, friends and teachers have in me!

Chaudhary Ali Mardan Khan,DPS, Indirapuram

The harmattan that blew with the declaration of results has subsided, only to resurrect when the cut-offs come out. Therefore, now the time is right to give some rest to your adrenaline pumps and think rationally. The probability of scoring your dream marks is minimal. So, I reluctantly stood facing south in this rat race to DU. Little did I know, that even the least probable entails some degree of occurrence.

The least expected did occur and here I am with 95% in four subjects facing north, elated. The board results have given me the license to add ILS Pune or Government Law College, Mumbai, as probable options, if I were to be a lawyer. Hopefully, I will secure a seat in a reputable north campus college

Vritti Gandhi, Holy Child Auxilium School

With the mark sheets finally in our hands, the surreality of it all fades and reality kicks in. After all the drama we went through anticipating the results, it is hard to shake off the feeling of getting engulfed in the vortex of the unknown. With over 7,000 students all over India scoring an aggregate of more than 95 and the consequent premonition that the DU cut-offs are all set to soar even higher, the chances of being admitted into a coveted college seem bleak. However, having realised my aim of scoring around 97%, I do feel a bit hopeful. With my love for economics, I wish to pursue an honours degree in the same. We are all about to begin our college lives, but before that we need to traverse the ‘Great Indian Admission Process’

Tarana Faroqi,Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

The nail-biting, dreaded yet anticipated doomsday finally arrived. For me it was more than my expectations. I was scared about history but I scored 83. Getting 90 in political science was the icing on the cake. This year, again, the girls outscored the boys. Girl power! Revelation of my result is a funny story. After a sleepless night, I took a nap in the morning, expecting it at 10. Suddenly I got a text message from a friend wishing me best of luck and later asking my result. I jumped out of my bed. My fate was decided. I was on cloud nine. Uncountable messages, phone calls and percentages as Facebook status were something to look out for. I had a grand feast, gormandized on chocolates. It’s been party-time!

Geetika Ahuja, Summer Fields School

No, doomsday didn’t save us from the diabolic Board exams. No,CBSE didn’t accidentally burn down our papers. So, yes, the results are out.

The sleepless night before the ‘Judgement Day’ was spent by yours truly almost biting her nails off and picturing the reaction of her parents and teachers to both the possibilities.Surprisingly, CBSE has been very kind to us. A whopping 95.5% was a kind of mirage, something which was looming on the horizon and was being breathlessly chased by me. I owe my success to my mother and my teachers. Albeit on discovering that I am just an iota of the 7000+ 95% club I was a little astounded. Brimming with exuberance, I stand at the threshold of a hazy path, at the end of which lies my destination.

Jasmine Bhalla, St Thomas’ School

For an entire year we had been fighting this tumultuous battle, like gallant soldiers at the warfront, which would continue until we secure ourselves a seat in a decent college. The admission process in Delhi University has begun after going through a turbulent phase of incorporating a plethora of changes- scrapping off CJET and CATE, FYUP, integrating BBE, BBS and BFIA into Bachelors of Management Studies (BMS). Even after having cleared the entrance exam for Symbiosis and having achieved a fairly good rank in IP University, I still want to give DU a shot, like most of the other aspirants. I’m interested in applying for BMS or doing something that would revolve around the language, despite having a few backups tucked away with me. So I would say it’s too early to stake our weapons.

Premanshu Tripathi, Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNU

The clock showed 10’o clock in the morning, I sat still, glued to the desktop. Everything seemed wrapped up in ghostly silence- unlike any Monday morning. Somehow, I gathered enough courage and reached out for the keyboard. It is not the plot of a horror story, but something equally frightening- especially when you are a student. It was result day! Expectations, fear, anxiety - all flowed spasmodically through my head.

I checked out my aggregat - it was 88% and that very moment took away all my anxiousnes s- leaving behind a relieved, although a bit unsatisfied self.The most frantic 50 days of my student life were followed by phone calls from all quarters. While B Tech and NDA still remain my prime target, I would consider taking admission in DU.

Ummang Sharma Bajpai, The Indian School

At the moment of revelation, my first reaction was of disbelief. Maybe because it was an hour before schedule. Or possibly because I’d just woken up. Or perhaps because some of the scores were not what I had expected. It felt like I had held my breath for more than a month, and finally I could breathe out, the exhalation being one of relief. All the scribbled pages, post-it notes and long hours of toil had finally paid off - rather well! I feel that the marking has been rather austere in subjects like history and psychology; on the other hand, almost all my friends got above 90 in English. It is almost amazing I am not thinking about the simple past tense, but only about present continuous and future perfect tenses! All in all it’s been a fantabulous result, and finally, I feel free

First Published: Jun 04, 2013 15:52 IST