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American medical student to auction her virginity online

An American medical student, who calls herself Elizabeth Raine, has decided to auction her virginity online. The 27-year-old blonde accepts that her reasons are 'primarily financially motivated'.

entertainment Updated: Mar 23, 2014 08:47 IST
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An American medical student, who calls herself Elizabeth Raine, has decided to

auction her virginity

online. The 27-year-old has set up a website for the purpose; bidding begins April 1.

The prize will be a 12-hour date with the blonde, including her first sexual experience.

The 27-year-old student has been inspired by Natalie Dylan, who received bids of $3.7 million for hers in 2009. On her website, she explains her reasons for auctioning her virginity which she accepts are "primarily financially motivated".

She has also put up her pictures on the site "to create a clear and true picture of my visual appearance" while keeping her identity a secret. She will only meet the final winner as she believes revealing who she is publically can affect her career.

Taking a business-like approach to the entire auction, she has hired an agent and is ready to undergo medical examination to prove her virginity.

She describes herself as "a sensually stunning, highly educated, and charismatic American woman" who believes her virginity may have a price but "her self-respect is absolutely priceless".

The student says she is not under the slightest bit of financial pressure and instead is treating this as a "practical financial opportunity". She plans to donate a significant portion of the proceeds to a charity.

She says that she took the decision to auction her virginity after putting a lot of thought into it. "I do not believe it is a sacred gift that should be reserved for the man I love, nor is it a testament to my honour, virtue, or purity (not to say that I am void of these traits). Rather, I value my virginity as something that is very much my own and a testament to my free-spirit and independence," she writes on her website.

Unlike other women across the world who have put their virginity up for auction, Raine is "97.7 per cent" certain she will go through with it. "I have never been very religious. This probably explains in part why I am able to do this without moral objection. I am not devoid of a moral code though, as some might like you to believe. I have just formed my own code - one I like to believe is founded on a world education and human emotion," she writes.

She is not too concerned about how her action will be compared with prostitution. She writes, "prostitute is a very simple and stigmatised label for a complex and diverse profession". She adds, "There are truly all sorts of prostitutes (sadly many are very oppressed, but some like me are not) and lumping them all together and condemning them all equally serves no right purpose."

First Published: Mar 22, 2014 11:24 IST