Big B to wind up Teen Patti in London
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Big B to wind up Teen Patti in London

Amitabh Bachchan went to the UK Embassy last Tuesday to complete visa formalities. The actor leaves for London on April 20 for the last spell of Teen Patti.

entertainment Updated: Apr 11, 2009 16:26 IST
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HoneyUnder Honey's Hat

Cell out

Howdee doo hoo my apple pies! I steer clear of sugar but I don’t mind indulging in the savoury blinis smeared with Caspian caviar that Vyjjy, my chandni-bearded beau, has imported specially from Iran.

In between scooping out the caviar with a silver spoon with a mother-of-pearl handle and feeding it to me, he’s also nibbling on my ear lobes. And for a change, I’m lovin’ it. Blissola!Amitabh Bachchan

Since I’m in an unusually sunny mood, let me begin the day with a goody goody item on Amitabh Bachchan. He had gone to the UK Embassy last Tuesday to complete visa formalities.. he leaves for London on April 20 for the last spell of Teen Patti.

Just as Bachchan saab was about to step in, a security guard pointed out to him that he couldn’t take his mobile phone in.. and would have to deposit it with the security outside.

And unlike some of our aaj ka Arjuns who would have immediately snarled in response, Big B only smiled and obligingly handed over his handset, saying, "Theek hai. Aap kehte hain to hum apna mobile andar kaise le ja sakte hain? Abhi aap ise rakhiye. Hum baad me aap se le lenge."

On his way out, he took his phone back with a polite "dhanyavaad". Wah bhai wah! Mera gaana bajao

Oi oi.. I can tell you that no star likes to groove to someone else’s song.. and to even suggest it is blasphemy. Yet, the organisers of a recent musical event wanted Shahid Kapoor to perform to the Bachna ae Haseeno title track.Shahid Kapur

Obviously, Shahid didn’t take the suggestion kindly. One can’t really blame him since he has plenty of chartbusters to his credit.

Okay, so Ranbir Kapoor’s gaana was top-of-the charts last year and is still as popular. Although he has no issues with Ranboo, he still wanted his own song playing when he was on stage, Shahi mantained.

Eventually, it was a pacy track from his Kismet Konnection that was picked. And guess what? The act was hugely applauded with the audience even asking for an encore. Whoa!

You must meet these dudes, they are just so cool,” drools my Rapchik Rajni about some young guys she bumped into in Juhu the other evening.

She’s discovered that they are the children of actors from my mummy ka zamana.. and are looking for an appropriate launch.

The chaar yaars incidentally are Jackie Shroff’s laadla, Jai Hemant aka Tiger, Danny Dengzongpa’s sonny boy Rizwin, Suraj, Aditya Panscholi ka beta, and yesteryear khalnaayak

Ranjeet’s puttar, Jeeva.
Rajni tells me that Suraj is assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali while Jeeva is into some go-karting kinda car racing. The jigri dosts work out together at 5 Feet, a health club in the starry suburbs.

Rajni is so fida that she’s even asking me for a salary advance.. so she can enroll at the same gym. She’s even crooning, ‘Jahaan chaar yaar mil jaaye..’ Silly girl!

Oh man!
Here’s Madhu my Mottu Maid with my apple tea and she’s snarling about Tulip Joshi who’s so obsessed with her (Tulip’s, not Mottu’s sillies) beau, Captain Vinod Nair, that she’s announcing her fatal attraction to the whole world.. on the net.

Just a few minutes ago, Mots logged on to Facebook to find that Tulip has posted a video of Nair running on the treadmill. Her status message reads: “Can’t get over this dedication and determination.” She adds, quoting an old eyewear advert, “There will always be men and there will be real men.”

That’s not all, Mots tells me that her friends are commenting on her pyaar, ishq and mohabbat too. While Deepak Tijori is poetic, Raj Kaushal is practical: “I’ve learnt that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is in the initial stages, the passion quickly fades and there had better be something else to take its place.”

Now it only remains to be seen if Tulip proves these naysayers wrong, says Mottu. Does it look like I care?

Absent sir
Mottu is now telling me that the staff at G S Entertainment are rather pleased to read that boss man Bunty Walia has recently bought himself a Range Rover. Why are they so, I wonder.. unless Bunty bhai is generous enough to take them for a drive in it once a week.

Mots laughs at the idea and says that they think that if their boss can afford to indulge in an SUV, he can pay their salaries too, which have been pending for a while now.

And you know what? When unitwalas from Bunty’s forthcoming film Lamhaa call the G S office for their dues, they’re told that hopefully their accounts will be settled soon.. since Bunty saab has bought a new car.

Last heard, Bunty’s not been going to his office since the past few days.

Wonder why? Or shouldn’t I ask? But then, such is life dearies!

First Published: Apr 11, 2009 15:38 IST