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Cold war between Asin and Kat?

Katrina Kaif couldn't commit dates for Akki's De Dhana Dhan, but when Asin was signed for the film, Katrina changed her mind and agreed to do the film.

entertainment Updated: Jan 19, 2009 20:12 IST
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Not without my dotted line.. you don’t

Hiya my coffee toffees. What’s with you guys this morn? Madhu my Mottu Maid is rustling up the most heavenly breakfast for me.. and Vaziran bua has promised to give me a body tel massage. Aaah, such small things of life make a gal feel good, no? Dimwit Mirza, my erstwhile research assistant, has sent me a letter written in blood that she’ll mend her ways.. knowing her fake ways, that blood is just some chaar aane ka red ink.

I tell you really. And listen the industrywallas are chortling about Katrina Kaif.. just say Asin to her and she turns

purple in the face as if she’d seen a ghost of a brinjal. Which is why if you want Kats to ever sign on the dotted line (I don’t but I’m to sexy for my tutus, ya), just say, "Asin."

And so this story is circulating that Asin was to play the lead in Priyadarshan’s De Dhana Dhan opposite Akshay Kumar because Kats couldn’t commit her dates for this DDD. Good friend Akshay asked Kats to think it over, but she didn’t. Next: when news reached her that Asin would be stepping into her shoes, Kats adjusted all her dates vates in a nano second.

By the way, at the say-so of good friend Akshay bhai, Kats has even agreed to do a special appearance in Blue. Kool, huh? But something tells me that in the coming months all the equations are gonna change.

Salman Khan is planning to introduce lookalike Katrina heroines.. oh dear.. I do do hope they can speak Hindi though.. we’re still making Hindi movies out here.. aren’t we?

Wedding in sight

I am so, so, so, so, so relieved. Teen Patti has finally wrapped up. Now producer Ambika Hinduja needn’t ever have nightmares about securing Dadoo B’s dates.. hope the movie’s in sync sound.. so no dubbing.

Anyway, the unchained Amby can now get married at long last with her fiancé, restau-rateur Raman Macker. The wedding will take place mid-February and a big bash will be hosted at Aurus which is owned by Macker.

Dadoo B will be invited, my confidantes tell me. Goody, I’ll ask him for an autograph there.

Bark to the future
Ha ho ha..or what! Vaziran bua, who cannot be stopped when it comes to checking out what’s happening on the Sanjay Dutt front, landed up at this structure called Imperial Heights on Pali Hill where he was hosting a press conference.
And whoa, Vaziran was nearly chased and bitten by a very angry dog, I mean a real dog which also barked, and barked, and barked.

A resident of the building, it seems, was pretty peeved with all the shosha, and was about to let her pet dog loose on the media types. Now see the dog, it made a lunge for the most gorgeous woman on the scene.. which meant bua. She’s still trembling.

Shatrughan Sinha fared somewhat better. He had arrived to meet Sanjay Dutt. The lady with the dog and he struck up a conversation. She said all that she and Imperial Heights ke denizens wanted were peace, privacy and undisturbed sleep.
Which means it will be very politically correct for Sanjay Dutt from now on to tread softly. And for Manyaataji to quit hosting those red-and-blue-themed parties attended by Sophie Chowdhry, Ameesha and.. oh well, never mind.. maybe they’ll all camp in Lucknow for a while now. The lady with the dog can zzzzzzzzz in peace.

Blog na kaho
Oi, must investigate what HEADLINE STRUCTURING is. After facing immediate flak for groaning and moaning about Slumdog Millionaire on his blog, he now says that he did not “slam” the movie. The media just made up that word to allude to “slum.”

And it is claimed that distortions are made all in order to attract attention and to make for good reading.

GOOD reading???.. now now, that’s another hornet’s nest isn’t it?

What’s your rash?
Actually if you ask me, Ashutosh Gowariker asks for trouble. He goes on public stage to tell Sajid Khan to “shut up” because he didn’t like the digs made by the show’s compere.

But what about Ashuji himself? He is known to have rashly rung up directors after seeing their films to say, “Yaaar, it
didn’t work for me.” And I’m not even going to get into his remark about Malaika Arora Khan which embarrassed all and sundry.

Those didn’t-work directors have breathed fire at such comments. And are now chuckling that he made himself a spectacle on stage. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 19, 2009 15:32 IST