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Girls are crazy about me: Hurman

He may not have had a hit so far, but actor Hurman Baweja says girls are crazy about him...

entertainment Updated: Oct 27, 2009 20:06 IST
Rachana Dubey

He may not have had a hit so far, but actor Harman Baweja says girls are crazy about him...

Apart from films, what creative hobbies do you indulge in?
I write poetry, different kinds of poetry. I’m a die-hard romantic. So I usually end up writing a lot of romantic poems. A few years ago, my poetry was one of the finest on They published it in a book.

So you wrote poetry for your girlfriends, too?
Of course I did. I had two near-serious relationships — one in school and the other in college. The girl from school still has all the cards I’d given her with my romantic poems written on them.

What about the girl from college?
She’s getting married soon. She’s a wonderful person. I connected well with both of them. The relationships didn’t work out, but that’s life.

It seems you were popular with girls during your school and college days.
But not as popular as this one guy, Shahz Hai. When he walked down the corridor, the girls wouldn’t give a second look to any guy, including me. Because he was such a good looking guy, I didn’t keep in touch with him!

Why do girls like you?
I think most of them feel I’m sweet and approachable, which is true. I’m a die-hard romantic guy. So even if I don’t have money on me, I’d still be able to make my date a romantic and memorable one. The first time I took my girlfriend out on a date, I was broke. I was in school then. I think in school, girls don’t mind boys who are broke. But after growing up, they want guys who are loaded.

I’ve not experienced this but it’s a fact that if a guy doesn’t fit into the ‘loaded’ bracket, a girl doesn’t consider him for a long-term relationship.

Did your classmates become your friends because you were a producer’s son?
I had a peculiar surname.

So it was difficult to hide my true identity. At times, I succeeded in hiding my second name. That helped me to identify people who were my true friends. Despite having a car, I always travelled by bus or auto to college. The rich boys took their dates out to an expensive joint near Mithibai College where a sandwich cost double the amount it did on the roadside. I would never take my dates there. My family never spoilt me. I was always on limited pocket money. To this day, I ask my father’s permission before I go on a shopping spree. I ask my mother to give me the money to go out.

When was the first time you were recognised as an actor?
We were at the Bangalore airport. Milo na milo from Love Story 2050 had just gone on air. A little boy at the airport identified me as the boy who dances in that song. Recently, I was in a coffee shop in Chandigarh. A bunch of girls walked past. They came back to tell me that I looked like Harman Baweja. I didn’t react. They came back again and claimed I was Harman Baweja. I was happy. I enjoyed clicking pictures with them.

Have there have been embarrassing moments with girls?
(Laughs) Plenty. The most embarrassing one was in Rajasthan. A bunch of girls came to meet me on the set. They wanted to kiss me. My sister and mother were there. So, I was standing like a mannequin while the girls pecked me on my cheeks!

Apparently, your sister and you were often mistaken as a couple when abroad?
Strange, but true. Whenever we walked together, we would be looked at as a couple. My sister is very pretty. At clubs, I ask her to stay away from me because the girls will think I’m hooked. But she insists that I stay with her because the wrong kind of guys hit on her.

Has your popularity escalated with What’s Your Rashee?
Yes. My Facebook profile is full of girls asking me if I’m single and that they would like to meet me. So many have propositioned me.

Were you embarrassed when you were accused of trying to get a chiselled face to resemble Hrithik Roshan?
The issue sprung up from nowhere one morning. Hrithik and I are different people. It was the figment of someone’s imagination that I look like him and I’d got surgery done to perfect that look. No one wants to lose his identity, right?