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Just in trouble: All that you need to know about Justin Bieber

The pop star's tours have ended in brawls, accusations and nothing short of innovative controversies all through 2013. To top that, the year has just started and he has already been arrested twice in two different countries. Time for a recap?

entertainment Updated: Jan 30, 2014 18:45 IST
Durga M Sengupta
Durga M Sengupta
Justin Bieber,Justin Bieber controversies,Justin Bieber arrested

So you know that Justin Bieber has been a pain point in most countries this year. His tours have ended in brawls, accusations and nothing short of innovative controversies all through 2013. To top that, the year has just started and he has already been arrested twice in two different countries.

Americans don't want him around anymore. A petition titled Deport Justin Bieber has got over 100,000 signatures from citizens in the country. Yes, it has no legal value, but Beliebers (Bieber fans, fyi) seem to be losing hope in their favourite celeb.

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Leave Americans aside, the Canadian pop star has been charged with assault in his own country too. He turned himself in to a Toronto police station on Wednesday, January 29 for allegedly hitting a Toronto limousine driver several times in the back of the head last month.

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Also on Wednesday: While Justin has been facing the heat in his hometown, Miami police has been investigating a case involving Bieber, drag racing and drink driving (just the right mix). Well, Justin has pleaded not guilty to that one. (you've got some luck)

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But you knew all that already, didn't you?

Let's rewind then.

What was Bieber doing early January, Watson?

The pop icon was bored it seems. So bored that he pelted his neighbour's home with eggs. The damage (involving thousands of dollars) led to a search in Bieber's house. What was discovered? Cocaine. Who was arrested? Justin's friend.

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Don't worry, that's all for 2014.

Back in November 2013, Justin's bodyguard roughed up a photog in Hawaii.

Justin himself, however, had better things to do. The Baby hitmaker was caught spraying graffiti on the walls of a hotel in Australia in the same month. The graffiti (unsurprisingly) read: Beliebers 4 life

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Oh and he (allegedly) kicked the Argentine flag in the same month. On stage. In Argentina.

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The boy prince smoked some marijuana with his friends before taking a flight early September. Smoking is one thing, but if the pilot says he almost put on an oxygen mask due to the smell of weed you have a problem.

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July saw a series of adventures for the young celeb, including that of him urinating into a mop bucket in a New York restaurant, before spraying a restaurant photo of Bill Clinton with cleaning liquid. (Well, his political allegiances are certainly clear.) Bieber apologised later, of course.

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Another totally fun thing that happened in July was when the other controversial pop icon Miley Cyrus advised Justin Bieber to take a break. "I told Justin to take a bit of time out," said Cyrus. This just keeps getting better and better.

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However, the pop star met serious trouble in May when he faced investigation for battery. In true Bieb-style, the 19-year-old was trying to guard his then girlfriend Selena Gomez from a nosy photographer.

READ: Justin Bieber could face 6 months jail? 2013. This a sad one, illegal, but sad. Justin lost his pet monkey Mally in true Ross style (remember Marcel from Friends?) to customs authorities while travelling to Germany. Bieber had no papers to bring Mally into the country. Why are we not surprised?

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Also in April: Bieber said possibly the most offensive thing in the history of his (I honestly don't have a descriptive word) behaviour when he announced that Holocaust victim Anne Frank would have been his fan, that she "would have been a belieber". And where did he make this proclaimation? Why Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, of course.

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He began his year of misadventures sometime in March after lunging at a photographer in London at the O2 concert and spitting on his neighbour around the same time. (Wow, he really loves his neighbour.)

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We hope the young star recovers before he suffers a meltdown (if he hasn't already) and wish him luck with music (if he remembers any of it).

First Published: Jan 30, 2014 18:20 IST