BTS singer V and Jungkook talk about their mixtapes.
BTS singer V and Jungkook talk about their mixtapes.

BTS: ARMY goes gaga after V and Jungkook discuss KTH1 and JJK1 mixtapes, see reactions

  • BTS singer V confirmed that his mixtape would feature 13 songs. This revelation has left the fandom, ARMY, in an emotional state.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 26, 2021 01:15 PM IST

BTS released the 'BE-hind Story' teaser recently and it gave a glimpse of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook interviewing each other. The video features each BTS member sitting down for a candid, heart-to-heart conversation with each other. The teaser hinted that the septet will discuss all that went into the making of their recent album BE and was seen sharing their darkest fears.

While the teases were bound to leave the fandom, ARMY, excited, fans went were shocked when the video showed V, aka Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, discussing their mixtapes, which have been dubbed as KTH1 and JJK1, respectively. V also confirmed that there are 13 songs on his mixtape.

Fans have long been waiting for the two members to release their respective mixtapes. The recent tease has only escalated their hopes that the releases aren't too far away. Several fans took to Twitter and gave a glimpse at their collective meltdown.

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The complete video is slated to release this Saturday. Back in December 2020, V told The Atlantic that he had plans of releasing the mixtape in 2020. "This year has been packed so I couldn’t find that much time to work on it. I will try to perfect it next year," he said at the time.

As for Jungkook, although he hasn't been as vocal as V about his mixtape, he has hinted that he has been working on it from time to time. It was previously revealed that Jungkook wanted the songs Stay and Your Eyes Tell for his mixtape.

Speaking to the Weverse magazine, Jungkook said, "That song was originally meant to be on my mixtape. We planned to put a different song on the album, but after V heard it, he said, 'This song that Jung Kook wrote is really good,' and then the other members all listened, said it was better than the other one, and somehow (laughs) Stay made it into the album."

Fans continue to believe that Jungkook's mixtape is around the corner. The affirmation was made yet again when Jungkook debuted his blue hair on Twitter earlier this week.


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