BTS leader RM responded to many fans on Weverse, including two Indians. 
BTS leader RM responded to many fans on Weverse, including two Indians. 

BTS: RM responds to Indian fan who wants to hold his hand, imbibe his positivity

BTS leader RM responded to numerous posts on Weverse earlier this week. Two of them were responses to fans from India. 
PUBLISHED ON SEP 08, 2021 02:37 PM IST

BTS leader RM engaged with numerous fans on the social media platform Weverse earlier this week. Of the many fans he responded to, two were from India. 

One of the fans identified themselves as Ritu. In a lengthy post, they wrote that ever since they've known of RM, they have become a better person. They also showered the BTS leader with compliments, calling him “an amazing person with extraordinary talent.” 

In the confession note, they also expressed their wish to hold his hand some day to imbibe his positive spirit and experience a sense of peace. “But deep down, I know it's only possible in my dreams (grinning face with sweat emoji),” they added. The note caught RM's attention, who took to the comments section and dropped a loved-up emoji. 

Another Indian BTS fan, who identified themselves as Shreya, also shared a lengthy post showering RM with love. “Namjoon, you may never read this but if you do, I want you to know that there are thousands of us who love you for you! Not because your an idol, but because you help us all to believe that we are perfect just how we are! As are you, you are perfect and you inspire me so much! I just wanted to thank you for never giving up, for making music, for being who you are but most of all... for being alive!” an excerpt of the post read. RM agains dropped a loved-up emoji.


This isn't the first time he has responded to a BTS fan from India. The rapper had made headlines earlier this year when he responded to a fan who dedicated a few lines from the Bollywood song Humdard to him. 

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Through the year, BTS has assured Indian fans that they will plan a trip to India once the pandemic ends. Speaking with Hindustan Times, BTS member Jin said, “We cannot be thankful enough for you listening to our music. We truly hope that the situation gets better soon. Please stay strong and we hope you get some energy from listening to our music! If we can see each other safely and the opportunity comes, we’d of course like to perform in India.” 


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