Maalavika Manoj
Maalavika Manoj

I experiment a lot and don’t adhere to one theme: Maalavika Manoj

The singer-songwriter says she wants to do more collaborations, maybe collaborate with people outside India and collaborate with artists and write with other people
By Aamir Momin
PUBLISHED ON APR 12, 2021 01:34 PM IST

Maalavika Manoj popularly known by her stage name Mali, Singer-songwriter has come out with her debut album after her EP Rush in 2017 says, “Things that inspire me a lot are stark differences, contrasts, and irony. A juxtaposition of positive and negative, what could be and what is and all the contrast, this is the common thread that runs through my music. I Like to take something and change the way I channel it.”

Mali who just released her debut album Caution to the wind says, “I have been working on these songs since the longest time, they just went together and fit in the theme of the album which was much about confusion, contrast and different extremes.” She adds that working on the album was a great experience as she learned a lot about production as she was very much involved in the process.

“I am a fan of artists and albums that have a lot of variety, it also manifests in my new album. Since Rush Ep I experimented a lot and didn’t adhere to one theme,” says Mali about her music and how she loves experimenting with different tastes and genres.

Mali released a track from her new album during the lockdown, she says, “Just when the lockdown was announced, I saw that the streets and the roads have never been so deserted, even in Mumbai and for the rest of our lives we might never see such a thing again. We came up with the idea to get people to shoot the emptiness in their cities and showcase it in a video for the song.” She adds that she shared on her social media asking people to send in their footage and she got content from 12 different countries.

Mali hopes to go touring with her band for performances and travel but she says that, due to the pandemic, it is very challenging to plan it. “I want to do more collaborations, maybe collaborate with people outside India and collaborate with artists and try and write something with other people,” she concludes.

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