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My phone hasn't stopped ringing after Dhokha: Muzammil Ibrahim

His first film Dhokha may not have rocked but his performance has been appreciated. Model-turned-hero Muzamil Ibrahim in an interface with Rachana Dubey.

entertainment Updated: Sep 06, 2007 17:32 IST

He has been through the wringer. There was that violent fracas with his neighbours in Yamuna Nagar. Then Pooja Bhatt slapped him and called him amale chauvinist. Plus, there was a time when the grapevine linked him with Deepika Padukone. His first film Dhokha may not have rocked but his performance has been appreciated. Model-turned-hero Muzamil Ibrahim in an interface with Rachana Dubey.

Okay, so from Yamuna Nagar you have moved to Lokhandwala.. has life changed in any other way?

(Smiles) Of course it has..personally, I'm on a high because my mum's finally come over to stay with me permanently. She and papa would keep travelling between Delhi and Kashmir.. depending on how my father was placed workwise. She was a bit skeptical when I was a model. Professionally, I've been welcomed with open arms. Critics who rip films apart have appreciated my work. My phone hasn't stopped ringing. But the film hasn't been praised. The subject was tough and complicated. Mahesh Bhatt sir had written the film fabulously.. the dialogue and screenplay were spectacular. But while dealing with such a tough subject, it's possible to lose one's way.. that's human.

Why was your voice dubbed?
I could not question this technical decision.

The guy who's dubbed for me sounds amazing.
But this doesn't mean that my voice will be dubbed in every film. I think I have a decent voice.

Why were you soggy-eyed throughout the film?
The character was of a traumatised young man.. he couldn't be laughing and giggling. Often while rehearsing for the scenes I'd cry.. I didn't use glycerine.. I was crying from the heart.

Why was your co-star Aushima Sawhney wearing strange costumes?
Please go and ask Pooja Bhatt about that. Anushima is a competent actress otherwise.

Would you agree that Dhokha wasn't promoted well?
I guess we could have done better in that department. MM Kreem came up with some wonderful songs but for some reason or the other, the music wasn't promoted either.

<b1>Mahesh Bhatt has been promoting you big time. How come?
We'd discuss almost every scene.. he would explain things to me very patiently.. and often he would accept my inputs. Vishesh films have offered me their next film. Mr Bhatt has been kind enough to let me take a call on this.

Comparisons with John Abraham have already begun.
That's inevitable. Both of us are winners of the Gladrags contest. Today it's John, tomorrow the comparisons could be with someone else.

Wouldn't a romantic movie been a better debut project?
I was approached for a number of candy floss projects in which I had to woo my heroine by dancing and some emotional dialogue. I didn't want to take that route.

Apparently you're doing another three films?
The number is more than three.. but I can't talk about the projects till they're signed, sealed and delivered.

Will you continue modelling?

The ramp will remain my first love. I can never say no to modelling and the ramp.

Is your brother Mudassir also joining the movies?

Yes. He has been offered few projects which he is going through right now. He loves the movies and acting even more than I do.

What do you have to say about the time when you and your family were involved in that ugly incident at the Yamuna Nagar apartment complex?

I just feel the media could have been more sensible, all sorts of bizarre allegations were made. My family was targeted. Later in an interview, my mum said that she was proud of me for the way I stood by my family and the principles she's taught me in life.

What's your take on your friend and Rajneesh Duggal making his film debut?

I'm happy for him and his wife Pallavi.. she has been wanting him to join the movies for years now.

Can you deny that there's been intense professional rivalry between Rajneesh Duggal and you?

The Delhi press wote about our professional rivalry because we were both in the top slot as models. Really, that's just not true. Some even say we look similar.

Any model who's competition for you?

<b3>I'm not a full-time model any more. But when I was one, I was competition for everyone.

You hardly talk about your father.

My father is a government servant. He's associated with the armed forces. His job is such that he can't be with us all the time. When we were kids, he'd do everything to see us happy. He always gave me love but never spoilt me.

How do you handle female attention?

I can't live without it.

Whom are you seeing right now?

I just freed myself from someone a few months ago. I will never ever name the girls.. but I've had many brief affairs. They didn't last long because I guess I wasn't ready to make a commitment.

Does Pooja Bhatt ever pop up in your nightmares?

(Ha ha ha) No, only in my sweet dreams.

First Published: Sep 06, 2007 12:46 IST