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Preview: Love Story 2050

Karana and Sana, a young couple travel in a time machine to reach Mumbai city of the year 2050. But their excitement ends through a series of twists and turns, which leads to the separation of Karan from the love of his life Sana.
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UPDATED ON JUL 04, 2008 05:01 PM IST

Love Story 2050


Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra


Harry Baweja


Romance/ Fiction

Storyline: Karan is a young, spirited and a happy go lucky boy who doesn’t follow any rules. Sana is just the opposite of Karan. She is a sweet, shy and petite girl who lives life by the rules.

Even though they are completely different, they fall in love and this leads to a beautiful and magical love story. Boman Irani plays an eccentric scientist called Dr Yatinder Khanna who has dedicated 15 years of his life into building a time machine.

Yatinder is also Karan’s uncle and eventually he succeeds in his endeavour. Out of sheer curiosity, Sana expresses a wish to time travel to Mumbai city in the year 2050. Then, they land in a futuristic Mumbai along with Uncle Yatinder, Rahul and Thea (Sana’s younger siblings).

They are, indeed, fascinated to see the futuristic Mumbai that has flying cars, holograms, robots, Indian ninjas, androids, 200 storey buildings, sky rails and laser guns, and teleportation. But the excitement ends through a series of twists and turns, which leads to the separation of Karan from the love of his life, Sana.

These twists lead to the introduction of a mysterious character named Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra), the woman of the future. She is a popular rockstar of the future and is very different from Sana. She is an arrogant, bold and headstrong girl with red hair that shows her rebellious streak.

She doesn’t believe in love at all because, in her world love doesn’t exist. She leads a lonely life after the death of her parents and this has in a way made her bitter. Zeisha has a pet named Boo, a robotic teddy bear who helps her in all chores like cutting vegetables and fruits.

QT, a friendly robot accompanies Karan. Boo and QT try to unite Karan and Sana but find themselves under the threat of the demi-god villain Dr. Hoshi. A song sequence has Zeisha along with Karan, flying on a jet singing and dancing across Mumbai's shimmering skyline. To entertain the kids Xbox games form the part of the action.

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